Last round’s competition was fierce and things are continuing to heat up. The much anticipated Elite 8 has arrived and with it begins the clash of genders. In addition, this round will determine who gets top honors in each category. The current field has already proven that they are at the top of the class within their respective gender but how will they fare against the opposite sex?

But first, our current leaderboard for those who participated in our Pick ‘Em contest.

The columns that determines your rank are ‘Score’ and ‘Max.’ ‘Score’ is your current score based on how many Elite 8 picks you made correctly. ‘Max’ is the highest possible score that can be achieved based on who you predicted to win in the rounds to follow. A correct pick in each of the prevailing rounds will be worth double the score. For instance, getting an Elite 8 selection correct is worth 1 point. Getting a Final Four selection correct is worth 2 points. Getting a Championship Round prediction correct is worth 4 points. And predicting the overall winner correctly is worth 8 points. That means there is still plenty of hope remaining for those who aren’t currently on the leaderboard!

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As an astute reader commented in our last round, this year’s March Madness seems to be shaping up to be the battle of the SM idols. SM idols have taken up 6 out of the 8 Elite 8 spots and their run has been dominating. Last year’s champion and runner up — Tzuyu (Twice) and RM (BTS), respectively — were eliminated by SM idols, namely Irene (Red Velvet) and Mark (NCT).

There’s still some hope for a non-SM win but with powerhouses like Taeyeon and Taemin, the chance is slim. What will be more entertaining will be watching the labelmates battled it out. Cast your vote below to determine who moves on and who goes home in Seoulbeats’ 2018 March Madness.

The polls will close on Saturday, March 24 at 11:59 PM EST.

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