This past December was one for the history books. While we expected a wave of Christmas releases, the last month of the year surprised us with some debuts, comebacks, and news of the best and worst kind. With the craziness of the year end, missing out on some releases would be understandable. Luckily, here’s December’s Unsung Artists to get you caught up.

Rain,  “Gang”

The granddaddy of them all, Rain, returned with the auditory assault that is “Gang”. Part rap, part dance track, part R&B, the song itself has it’s high and low points, but the reason this video is here is because of the effort put into it. Like many of his peers, Rain took the risk this year of releasing new music and competing with the newer, younger kids. In spite of being older and a family man now, Rain showed that he still has what it takes by delivering a solid, hard hitting dance performance in the MV that recalls his glory days. After over a decade in the game, “Gang” shows that Rain still has the moves.

DPR Live, “Text Me”

DPR Live has had a busy debut year. “Text Me” is one of several releases this year, with a music video that is a notch on Dream Perfect Regime‘s belt. Though the song sounds similar to DPR Live’s song “Know Me,” “Text Me” is smooth R&B that highlights Live’s simple yet controlled flow. Shot in London, the video showcases both the beauty of the city and the fun of it.

NCT Dream,  “Joy”

It wouldn’t be a December song post without a Christmas song. NCT Dream’s “Joy” combines traditional carols like “Joy to the World” and “Jingle Bells” with original raps and other verses by the members. Released as an SM Station track, “Joy” brings a smile to the face not just because of it’s upbeat and infectious choice of melody but because the video is so much fun. There’s face painting, cake, and glitter — everything needed for the perfect holiday party.

Chuu – “Heart Attack”

Blockberry Creative has embarked on an unconventional yet successful debut project with Loona, introducing the members in batches and subunits. The newest member, Chuu, debuted in December with the big band track “Heart Attack” and this girl has some pipes on her. The video is playful without being cheesy, taking on Chuu’s obsession or infatuation with fellow member Yves, who doesn’t seem all that into her. The video’s description leaves a cryptic message of “When four girls who denied the garden of Eden gathers, the party begins,” so the apple motif and more inter-group love may be on the horizon. With two more members to go, we’ll soon get to see how Chuu fits into the bigger picture.


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