Hello everyone, and welcome back to another edition of The SB Mixtape!

This latest playlist is inspired by an act that is so important and rewarding, yet tiresome and mundane — house cleaning.

Whether it’s to welcome spring, righting things after an epic house party, or preparing for the Hindu Tamil harvest festival of Pongal like I am (meant to be), there comes a time when we need to break out the bleach (or environmentally friendly alternative), go down to the shops for new Chux wipes, roll up our sleeves and put some shine back into those once-gleaming surfaces.

Let Psy inspire you to want to give your house a “New Face,” and BTS remind you to turn your notifications off so you do not answer your phone and distract yourself as you dust your trophy cabinet to the tune of “Mic Drop.” Since it’s recommended to do “dry” chores before “wet” ones, Super Junior‘s “Bonamana” precedes f(x)‘s “Pinocchio” as a reminder to sweep your floors before washing any windows. Get your suds on with Hyuna‘s “Bubble Pop,” remember to go “Lower” when wiping those floors down with Amber and Luna, and rage with Epik High as you scrub that toilet clean, you “Born Hater,” you. Get your second wind from Black Pink‘s “As If It’s Your Last” and then, finally, bask in your hard work with Kriesha Chu‘s “Like Paradise.”

Readers, what songs (K-pop and otherwise) do you listen to when cleaning? What are your top cleaning tips/hacks? And did Sistar19 make the best table-cleaning song in K-pop or not? Let us know in the comments below!

(Image via: Pledis Ent.)