She kind of, sort of pops mine.

  • Sometimes, I refuse to believe that this girl is younger than me.
  • A jersey, a wife beater, and a pair of converse can be just as sexy as leather, eyeliner, and monstrous heels.
  • One second she’s cute; the next, she’s sexy; and she’s fierce every step of the way.
  • Oh, Lee Joon. How can someone so handsome look so silly?
  • “Miaow~ Chop! Chop! Whoppee!”–the pop art dialogue is HILARIOUS.
  • Does that one girl intentionally resemble CL?
  • All the guy did was smile and “Chun~” Relax.
  • I’m surprised she didn’t sprain her butt filming this MV.

I’ve always considered Hyuna a talentless, albeit overrated, girl group member. And though her vocals and dancing still fail to blow me out of the water, the development of her image and her persona are promising. Hyuna explores a variety of style palettes, she presents a diversity of charms, and she shows the audience that she can do songs like “Change” as well as songs like “Bubble Pop.” She may not be the most talented idol out there but if she can continue to hone an image and style that is entertaining as well as versatile, I believe she can create quite the name for herself. “Bubble Pop isn’t perfect by any means but I believe it could be the beginning to a very interesting career.