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Before the dating scandal, Hyuna and Dawn along with Hui were part of a trio called, Triple H. The short-lived group had a more mature vibe with racy subjects in their MVs like murder, suicide, and even sexual fantasies. Even during that secretive time, the couple’s chemistry was pretty obvious. Although they have since been open about their relationship, they have not commented too much on the backlash they faced from their fans and their own label.

Now with P Nation, they are both finally returning as a duo. In contrast with their previous collaboration in Triple H, the two focused on the romantic feelings between them. 1+1=1 is a mini-album essentially dedicated to their love affair. The math might not make sense, but they are two individuals working as one unit. While the mini-album is an exploration of their romance, it really only skims the surface of their relationship. You will not find any shocking confessions or personal details. Nor do they criticize the backlash they encountered from their fans and their label. Each song has the same content about being in love with each other, which can make for a redundant album. However, they offer different melodies and styles for each song. Overall, this is a fun and light-hearted album about their relationship. Each song is well-made but do not expect too much variety with this mini-album.

The title song, “Ping Pong,” has a Latin-inspired melody combined with brass instruments in the chorus. It makes sense that the dance-centric song was chosen as the lead single what with dance challenges being the norm to market songs right now. The track mixes both of their styles, though it seems to fit more with Hyuna’s. The lyrics reference their previously secret relationship in only one line, and the rest of the song is just them fawning over each other. Like a game of ping pong, the artists go quickly back and forth singing the lines of the song. Other than that, there is no bigger meaning to the song other than their admiration of each other.

Just say it, I love you
What I couldn’t say before,
I’ll tell you now I want you to be
My Official Muse (M.O.M)

While “Ping Pong” leans more in Hyuna’s style, “Deep Dive” is more of Dawn’s. The track is a mid-tempo song that combines strings with a playful melody. The song’s lyrics are about falling deep for someone in spite of the circumstances. There are references to not having money which could allude to both of them losing their contracts after revealing their dating status. The song compares falling in love with diving into water, suggesting they do not care if they cannot breathe. It seems negative and even dark, but they are basically saying it was worth it despite the negative consequences. Luckily for the fans that stuck by, they were able to revive their careers proving that it was not the wrong move.

I fall for you Deep Dive I can’t stand it
Even if there is not enough oxygen, we don’t care
Mouth to mouth and Keep rollin’…

Tequila mix lemonade
Made my stomach ache again
It’s late at night
Stay home
Don’t worry, I’ll protect your privacy…

“XOXO” continues the mid-tempo melody. However, it has more of a retro-vibe. The lyrics to this song are fairly repetitive and about longing to be with someone who is not there. Even with repetitive lyrics and melodies, the song is incredibly catchy on just the first listen. Again, we have a peek into the circumstances they faced while being apart. In one lyric they mention alcohol and having to protect their privacy. Hyuna had stated in an episode of “Knowing Bros” that they would share drinks while talking over the phone:

“I Know” is a melancholic song about a relationship that ended. Surprisingly, it has a cheerful tune along with another catchy chorus. However, while the other songs implied they were about their current relationship, this one seems to be an outlier. The voices of the song are of a couple reminiscing about a relationship that did not work out. While the couple is no longer together, they are sure that they must have been in love with each other. This was a good choice to include in the list for the songs to break up the overly sweet tone of the album with one that shared the downsides. 

I pulled out the pictures from my wallet.
I couldn’t fill the empty space with anything.
Surely we loved each other to death…

If you are not into romance, then you should skip this album altogether. Every song is about love, and the couple expresses that abundantly in every lyric of the song. The album has a good mix of both Hyuna and Dawn’s styles while giving us something new than what they already did together with Triple H. The mini-album has a cohesive concept centering on their relationship while giving us different genres of music with each song. However, if you are looking for something a bit deeper, this is definitely a more superficial look at relationships without getting into too much of their personal lives. 

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