Hello everyone, and welcome back to another edition of The SB Mixtape!

With the the Northern Hemisphere falling into Autumn, it seems like a good time to follow up on our Spring playlist with something for the new season. As before, we are avoiding the expected Autumn tunes — so no sweeping, over-emotional ballads. I’ve also had to, sadly, exclude the recently released IU chart topper “Autumn Morning;” that song is going to top charts every year from now on like “Cherry Blossom Ending,” it doesn’t need my help.

Instead, we wind down from Summer with some high tempo tracks from AkMu, B1A4 (“Tried To Walk” is arguably the most obvious track on this mixtape), and more, gradually slowing things down as we approach Winter with Loona, Suran, and Block B, among others. Get ready for orchestral strings and some melancholy, as the change to cooler weather puts us in a more contemplative mood.

Songs not available on Spotify that would be perfectly at home on this playlist include T-ara‘s “Day By Day,” Shinee‘s “Symptoms,” and a Woollim trio of Infinite‘s “The Chaser,” Infinite leader Kim Sung-gyu‘s “41 Days,” and Nell‘s solemnly beautiful “The Day Before” — five years later, and I am still haunted by the MV for that song.

Readers, what are your go-to Autumn tracks? What songs do you think match well with the season? Share them with us in the comments below!