Welcome back to the Best of Weekly Music Shows! This was a slower week in the K-pop universe, a chance to catch our breath and re-evaluate what’s already out there. The only prominent comeback came from Girl’s Day. A congratulations is in order for Highlight, who won everything. Literally, they swept all the trophies this week, which is a good sign after all the struggles they’ve gone through. Show! Music Core and M!Countdown did not air this week, with Mnet airing footage from KCON Mexico. Without further ado, lets dive into my favorite stages of the week.


Romeo‘s “Without U”, SBS MTV The Show, March 28, 2017

Lord, this brings me back. The nineties kid in me about died when I got a good look at those outfits, and the rest of the stage kept me dead. “Without U” is the perfect longing song for spring; it’s so mellow and casual. Everything about this stage, especially the choreography is faux-chill, but that’s honestly what makes it work. Romeo is always giving off the vibe of “pfft, what formations?” and “just doing some complicated footwork, no big”, with an ever-present undercurrent of “please notice me”. The end result is both endearing and relatable.


Pristin‘s “Wee Woo”, KBS Music Bank, April 1, 2017

This song is the unholy offspring of crack-cocaine and bubble gum. “Wee Woo” just sticks in the mind and will not leave, forcing you to listen to it until your brain melts. And gosh darn it, these girls are so sweet I don’t even mind. Pristin somehow manages to sell “Wee Woo” in all its sugary glory in a way that really does come off as quirky. And yet what really nailed it is the creative use of formations. I love the repeated knee-drops to shift member emphasis rather than changing lines, I love the partings to give Rena a dramatic entrance,  I love the girl mob going after Kyulkyung. It’s just so fabulous to see more large groups using their numbers to their advantage.

EXID‘s Hani‘s cover of Jesse & Joy‘s “Ecos De Amor”, Mnet KCON Mexico, March 30, 2017

Mnet’s ever-growing list of KCONs has kicked off 2017 with the first KCON Mexico, so there’s obviously a special stage here. Hani did a beautiful cover of “Ecos De Amor”, originally by Mexican duo Jesse & Joy. This stage allowed Hani to show off her vocal chops, both technical and emotive. Her delivery is rich and poignant, conveying loss and regret across languages– a touching reminder that music is universal.


GFriend‘s “Fingertip”, KBS Music Bank, April 1, 2017

The key to success in music is to retain the core of what made you big, while revitalizing the trappings. GFriend clearly paid attention to that lesson with “Fingertip”. Aurally, the disco-funk sound is a departure from their previous sound, one that proves their ability to handle more mature concepts. What they have retained is their intense choreography. “Fingertip” is sharper and a touch more risque than their previous releases, but it retains the crispness, unison, and ease of performance that helped put GFriend on the map.


Girl’s Day “I’ll Be Yours”, SBS Inkigayo, April 2, 2017

In a landscape filled with girls, it’s rather fabulous to see some women. Girl’s Day are killing every aspect of this comeback. Their vocals are powerful and confident, their dancing is seductive, and their visuals are stunning. Sealing it all together and elevating it, though, is their stage presence. Every move they make exudes power and control; drawing the audience in and not letting their attention waver for a moment. It’s not even diluted by the distance of a computer screen. The vibrant lipstick they all rock is just the cherry on top.

Those are my top picks for the week! Any you think I missed? Link them in the comments!

(Image via SBS, YouTube [1][2][3][4])