Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review. Here’s all the latest news to round out your week:


  • This week former South Korean President Park Geun-hye was called in for questioning. Following a record-setting eight and a half hour interrogation, a judge ruled that she should be charged with corruption and bribery. Park was arrested in the early hours of March 31, and can be held for up to 20 days until she is formally charged and put on trial.
  • The Sewol Ferry has successfully been lifted from the ocean floor and moved to a Mokpo port. Families of the nine missing victims are hopeful that the bodies of their loved ones will be found now that the ship has been brought to the surface. Victim’s families — as well as the nation — are also hopeful that the raising of the ship will bring answers to the questions that remain since the ship’s sinking in April of 2014; 304 people perished in the disaster.
  • A death threat was made through Twitter against BTS member Jimin by an anti-fan. The group is currently embarking on their North American Tour, with stops in multiple American cities including Newark, Chicago, and L.A. While the tweet may have been a joke or a vain threat for attention, Big Hit is — understandably — taking the situation quite seriously and has stepped up security for the idols for the remainder of the tour.
  • The man who can’t seem to stay out of our headlines, Kim Hyun-joong, had his drivers license suspended for drunk driving. Kim was found passed out in the front seat of his car at an intersection. When tested, his blood alcohol level was .075%, well above the legal limit of .03%.
  • The TV scriptwriter who conned actor Jung Woo-sung — and others in the entertainment industry — out of billions of won has been sentenced to five years in prison.
  • SM Entertainment is now the largest shareholder of Mystic Entertainment with 28% of stocks in the company. The two agencies plan to work together to create new music and open up more global markets. tl;dr SM’s quest for world domination continues.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Check out this week’s releases in the playlist above!
  • The wait for Girl’s Day‘s “I’ll be Yours” was definitely worth it. Dream Tea also shared a performance version of the MV.
  • Seo In-guk gifted fans one final single “Better Together” before beginning his mandatory military service on March 27. However, Seo was ordered to return home following concerns that arose during his medical inspection over an ankle injury. He plans to be re-examined as soon as possible to continue his service.
  • Sweet Sorrow rocked the harmonies in “Sign.”
  • SF9 released a special MV for “Still My Lady” off their latest album, Burning Sensation.
  • Kitti B dropped a special self-written spring album, 5cm Per Second.
  • SM Station Season 2 officially kicked off this week with Red Velvet‘s “Would U.” Which SM artists/collabs are you most looking forward to hearing from this season?

Teasers & Announcements

  • The teasers for Oh My Girl‘s “Coloring Book” keep getting better and better. The new single and mini will drop on April 3.
  • Winner is all set to return with two new singles “Really Really” and “Fool” on April 4. Fans were disappointed to discover that there will be no new album. Instead, YG intends for Winner to promote more often with singles. On the bright side, the MV teaser for “Really Really” looks promising. More tropical house, anyone?
  • Taeyeon will be releasing a deluxe version of My Voice that will feature three new tracks as well as the hit, “11:11.” The repackage and MV for “Make Me Love You” will be released on April 5.
  • Hyorin (Sistar) and Changmo will come together for “Blue Moon” on April 14.
  • Gugudan‘s Soyee and Brown Eyed Soul‘s Young-jun will also put out a special duet on April 4.
  • Momoland will gain a new member, Daisy, for their April comeback.
  • Sechkies have a special MV up their sleeves for the group’s twentieth anniversary on April 15.
  • The aesthetics are on point in the teaser for Teen Top‘s “Love Is.” Member Changjo will also be participating in the upcoming season of Show Me the Money.
  • IU‘s new lead single looks like it’ll be a real trippy “Jam Jam.” I am little upset that I have to wait until April 21 to watch the full version of IU getting chased by a floating sandwich, though.
  • The teasers for Gaeko and Rap Monster‘s “Gajah” are certainly eye catching.
  • The first concept image has been released for EXID‘s Eclipse comeback.
  • Dream Catcher are continuing where they left off in “Chase Me” with the eerie teaser for “Good Night.”
  • Big Bang‘s Taeyang will release a new promotional song for Lexus Korea.
  • Yet another new boy group, Black6ix, is set to debut on April 7 with “Please.”
  • Imfact has been dropping colorful teasers for “Tension Up.”
  • Jung Eunji‘s solo comeback is confirmed for April 10.
  • A new month is dawning, which means it’s time for another Day6 single. “I’m Serious” is due out on April 6.
  • In a rather confusing move, Cube announced that Hyuna will be part of some sort of Troublemaker 2.0 unit that will debut in May.
  • Casting News:
    • KBS Idol Operation Dream Team is acquiring quite the female idol cast, with Seulgi (Red Velvet), Moonbyul (Mamamoo), Soojung (Lovelyz), and Somi (I.O.I.) all confirmed to be participating. The new show will document the female idols as they write and act in their own web drama.
    • Hello VenusNara will appear in the upcoming SBS drama Suspicious Partner. Group-mate Yooyoung will be part of tvN‘s Circle.

Other News

  • The members of Romeo were involved in a minor car accident. Thankfully, no one was injured.
  • Park Myung-soo‘s wife suffered a miscarriage of the couple’s second child. Our thoughts are with the family.
  • Infinite‘s Sunggyu suffered a rib fracture while filming for Singderella. The singer will halt activities for the time being to focus on healing.
  • The arrival of spring is prompting a lot of couple news:
    • Joo Sang-wook and Cha Ye-ryun will tie the knot in May.
    • Lee Sang-woo and Kim So-yeon will wed in June.
    • Former co-stars Baek Jin-hee and Yoon Hyun-min confirmed they are dating.
  • Mnet has yet another survival group show in the works. Idol School is set to begin broadcasting during the second half of the year.
  • Amber continued to take to Instagram to air her grievances with SM Entertainment this week, prompting us to ask, what is going on at SM?
  • This week is Seoul Fashion Week. With dozens of idols filling the red carpets, runways, and front rows. What was your favorite look?

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