We’ve finally reached the much anticipated Elite 8 of this year’s Seoulbeats March Madness. The reason this is everyone’s favorite round is because it is when the genders finally clash. In addition, this round will determine who gets top honors in each category. The current field has already proven that they are at the top of the class within their respective gender but how will they fare against the opposite sex?

But first, our current leaderboard for those who participated in our Pick ‘Em contest.

The columns that determines your rank are ‘Score’ and ‘Max.’ ‘Score’ is your current score based on how many Elite 8 picks you made correctly. ‘Max’ is the highest possible score that can be achieved based on who you predicted to win in the rounds to follow. A correct pick in each of the prevailing rounds will be worth double the score. For instance, getting an Elite 8 selection correct is worth 1 point. Getting a Final Four selection correct is worth 2 points. Getting a Championship Round prediction correct is worth 4 points. And predicting the overall winner correctly is worth 8 points. That means there is still plenty of hope remaining for those who aren’t currently on the leaderboard!

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As for our field of idols, we saw all the long shots and dark horses get eliminated in the prior round. All the Cinderellas have left the ball and only the true contenders remain. Who will prevail in this battle of the sexes? Who will you be rooting for — the boys or the girls?

The polls will close on Friday, March 24 at 11:59 PM EST. As usual, your vote will 100% determine the outcome of this round. There will be no Busker Busker!





(Image via Dispatch)