20160911_seoulbeats_moonlovers_sbs._leejoongi_iu_kanghaneulHello everyone, and Happy Sunday!

As you may have noticed, I have have been sucked into a new K-drama. I’ve only watched a couple other Sageuks — Tree With Deep Roots and Moon Embracing the Sun— but discovering that Kang Ha-neul is the second male lead of Moon Lovers had me running to whichever streaming site wasn’t geo-restricted to North America. I may not have enjoyed everything about the first five episodes, but I am loving all the Kang-induced pretty.

Another piece of pretty I’ve been wide-eyed over are all the gorgeous hanboks IU‘s character wears. From that white and blue number in the bathing pool with the princes, to the lilac one in the last scene of episode five, I am in love with her looks. They do push the innocence angle hard, what with all that white and pastel, but gosh darn they are so, so pretty.

Oh, and I also like the male hanboks, too; my inner Melburnian approves of Lee Joon-gi‘s use of black, as well as Kang Ha-neul’s blues. He looks really good … in blue, doesn’t he?

And with Chuseok just around the corner, we will have more hanboks to look forward to, as idols go traditional to convey their holiday greetings.

Readers, what are some of the favourite hanboks you’ve seen? Be sure to include pics in the comments below!

(Images via: SBS)