20160819_seoulbeats_tiffany_snapchat_instagramWelcome back to SB Week in Review! Here’s the all news you might have missed:

Serious News

  • SNSD‘s Tiffany came under a hellstorm of fire this week for her accidental use of the Japanese Imperial flag filter on her Snapchat while the company was performing in Tokyo over the weekend. While the misstep could have been forgivable as a very dumb mistake, the post occurred on August 15th — Korea’s Liberation Day. In the wake of the scandal, Tiffany posted a hand-written apology to her Instagram. SM also announced that she is in reflection. However, the ire is very real — one MBN anchor even congratulated Tiffany when Japan defeated South Korea in badminton at the olympics. Due to viewer demands, Tiffany has also been removed from KBS‘ Unnie Slam Dunk. The singer’s contract with cosmetics brand, IPKN also ended this week — though the company said it had nothing to do with her SNS controversy.
  • Super Junior’s Kangin pleaded for a lighter sentence following his drunk driving scandal, citing the fact that he can never promote again as a celebrity as reasons for the judge to be more lenient.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • 20160819_seoulbeats_CL_LiftedCosmic Girls came back as a 13-member group with the celestial MV for “Secret.”
  • Project group, I.B.I. made their debut with “Molae Molae.”
  • Phantom‘s Hanhae teamed up with A Pink‘s Eunji for the smooth jam, “Eyescream.”
  • Black Pink‘s “Whistle” continues to dominate the charts. This week, YG dropped the dance practice video.
  • Vixx came back dramatic and strong with “Fantasy” on August 14. To celebrate the MV’s first 1 million views, Jellyfish also released the dance practice video.
  • Speaking of dance videos, Up10tion shared a playful dance MV of their latest, “Tonight.”
  • BTSSuga dropped his first mixtape this week under the name Agus D. So far the release has come with two MVs: one for  “Agus D” and the other for “Give it To Me.” Reportedly, there’s one more MV to come.
  • Exo‘s repackage “Lotto” dropped this week to mixed reviews. Despite the questionable single, the release helped Exo reach another milestone: they are now officially triple million album sellers. Sad news, Kai will be sitting out this round of promotions due to his injury.
  • CL debuted (for the third time) in America with “Lifted.” Do you think this debut will stick?
  • Masc debuted on August 19 with “Strange.” Did the MV manage to capture your attention?
  • SNSD’s Seohyun and Yuri teamed up for this week’s SM Station track, “Secret.” Apparently, the track is also a CF for haircare brand, Pantene.

Teasers & Announcements

  • 20160819_seoulbeats_park_jiminCasting news: Astro‘s Rocky is joining the cast of Mnet’s Hit the Stage; Exo’s Suho will star in upcoming drama The Universe’s Star; Cross Gene‘s Shin and Lee Hee-joon will join the cast of Legend of the Blue Sea alongside Lee Minho;  Hani will step down from cooking show, Three Emperors;
  • NCT is debuting another unit — NCT Dream. So far, Jisung is confirmed as the first member. SM describes the unit as a “team of teenagers with an average age of 15.6.” So… basically this unit is NCT Fetus.
  • Park Jimin‘s “Try” will drop August 23.
  • Ailee will return with “If You” on August 23. I.O.I.‘s Nayoung will feature in the MV. We can also expect a collaboration with Yoon Mirae on the upcoming album!
  • The long awaited Spica comeback is finally happening on August 25! Check out the teasers for “Secret Time.”

Other News

  • Secret‘s Sunhwa has joined the FA Market and intends to continue promoting as an actress.
  • iKon fans are demanding that Winner‘s Minho not participate in a special guest stage with Bobby during the group’s Japanese tour.
  • Minzy‘s newest batch of profile pictures (and a video) have been released under the Music Works. No official word on her debut yet though.
  • Got7‘s Junior has decided to officially promote under his real name, Jinyoung. Can this become a trend with other groups as well? (cough, Exo.)
  • It seems like the Idol Star Athletics Championships will never end; but, this year we can expect some changes to the show’s format. Hopefully that will mean less injuries?

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