20160624_seoulbeats_kim_min_hee_hong_sang_sooHello, and welcome to this week’s edition of SB Week in Review! Here’s all the news you might have missed:

Serious News

  • Rumors began to circulate this week about impending restrictions on K-pop promotions in China. While there has been no official statement yet, Chinese broadcast companies and Korean Entertainment agencies have already begun to make adjustments to artists’ promotion schedules.
  • Following Kim Min-hee‘s scandal with married director, Hong Sang-soo, she is facing troubles with one of her cosmetic endorsement contracts. The brand name has not been revealed, but the company considers Kim’s affair a breach of contract and will be seeking compensation from the actress.
  • The Lee Jin-wook case took a different turn this week when reports said A admitted to false charges. However, A came forward to clarify that she never took back her allegations of sexual assult. Lee’s side also came out with a counter-suit, but the arrest warrant was denied at this early stage.
  • In a follow up to the Park Yoochun sexual assult scandal: the first accuser, her boyfriend, and cousin, have had arrest warrants issued for attempted blackmail and making false accusations.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Oh My Girl remade Papaya‘s “Listen to My Story” for their return with “A-ing.”
  • Hyuna‘s back with the polarizing party track, “How’s This.”
  • Rapper Basick (winner of SMTM4) dropped “Nice” featuring G2 and Hwasa (Mamamoo).
  • NA Entertainment debuted new boy group INX and their debut single “Alright.”
  • 9Muses A made their subunit debut with “Lip to Lip.”
  • Our SM Staion track this week is Girls’ Generation‘s “0805.” The track is an extra special gift to fans to celebrate the group’s nine year anniversary.

Teasers & Announcements

  • 20160804_seoulbeats_IBIThe first full teaser for Scarlet Heart: Goryeo is here!
  • Infinite will be making a comeback this fall!
  • It looks like I.O.I‘s new sub-unit plans to make a full departure from the group’s original image. How are you liking the more edgy teasers for “Whatta Man”?
  • 2pm‘s Jun.K will make a solo return on August 9th. Judging by the MV and choreography teasers for “Think About It,” I’m guessing the concept mostly centers around him being shirtless. Not that many fans are complaining.
  • The countdown towards YG‘s debut of Black Pink continues. How are you liking the concept teasers so far?
  • Hunus Entertainment will debut new girl group Lion Girls. Their debut is slated for August 27.
  • Who’s ready for B.A.P.‘s “That’s My Jam“?
  • Some Produce 101 contestants are debuting in a special project group, I.B.I, and the first teasers have been released.
  • Members of Monsta X and Cosmic Girls are coming together for the special co-ed unit Y Teen. Monsta X will also be releasing a special MV for the track “Stuck” off their last album.
  • UP10TION look ready to party in the teaser for “Tonight.”
  • New boy group Masc are gearing up for debut with their first member teaser videos.
  • Sanchez (Phantom) is set for a solo release on August 10.
  • Kim Joo-hyun will no longer be taking part in the My Sassy Girl drama adaptation. She will be replaced by Oh Yeon-seo.
  • BTOB will catch the tail end of the summer comeback craze with “I Want to Go on Vacation.” Don’t we all, don’t we all.

Other News

  • Kim Ki-bum has moved over to Y Team Company. His contract with SM Entertainment ended last year.
  • For the brightening-your-day news of the week: check out Seventeen‘s part switch MV for “Pretty U.”

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