20160618_seoulbeats_mamamoo_wheein_intbntHi everyone, and welcome back to another edition of Week in Review. One story has been dominating the news this week, but there was a lot of other stuff going on as well:

Serious News

  • JYJ and DBSK‘s Yoochun has been accused of sexual assault by no less than four women this week. After the first accuser dropped her case following the story being picked up by Korean media, three more women have come forward with similar claims. Local police have been releasing statements, but they are being outstripped by the fast flow of reports from news outlets. A detailed overview of events will be published on the site soon.
  • Following last week’s live broadcast controversy involving BTSJungkook, another variety show has copped flack for the treatment of its female idol cast. JTBC‘s Girls Who Eat Well received criticism over the long broadcast (and eating) time, as well as how the girls were directed to eat in a visually appealing manner.
  • 10cm‘s Kwon Jung-yeol has come under fire for making an inappropriate remark towards Mamamoo‘s Whee-in during a performance. When a blanket was brought out to cover her legs, Kwon remarked that it was ‘a disservice to the men’ in the audience.
  • The Seoul Pride Parade took place on Saturday, kicking off the annual Korea Queer Culture Festival.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • 20160618_seoulbeats_baechigialbumcoverThe collaboration of 2016 — Younha, Ha;tfelt, and Cheetah — blessed us with “Get It.”
  • S.E.S‘s Bada has released solo single “Flower,” with an assist from Troy‘s Kanto.
  • Girl Group DIA made their comeback on the with “On The Road.” New member Eun-chae joins the group, as do Produce 101 participants and returning members Chae-yeon (who was promoting with PD101 group I.O.I) and Hee-hyun (formerly Cathy).
  • Baechigi dropped their new mini-album on the 17th.
  • Jang Kiha and the Faces are back with a new album!
  • AOMG‘s Loco and Gray have put out “Good,” featuring Elo.
  • New female trio Girls on Top has debuted with “High Hill,” but no MV.
  • After School’s Raina has teamed up with San E again to give us “Sugar and Me.”
  • This week’s SM Station release is “No Matter What,” from Boa and Beenzino.

Teasers & Announcements

  • 20160618_seoulbeats_wondergirls4Minute has become the latest group to disband. Hyuna has re-signed with Cube, but the only news of the other members has been of them unfollowing Hyuna on social media.
  • After her popular debut, SNSD‘s Taeyeon will be making her first solo comeback on the 28th.
  • 15&‘s Baek Ye-rin will also be making a solo comeback with “Bye Bye My Blue.”
  • Labelmates Wonder Girls have revealed the cover for their pre-release vinyl single.
  • And JYP Nation‘s group song has a final line-up! Yeeun, Hyelim, Yubin, Nichkhun, Junho, Mark, Yugyeom, Jackson, Min, Jungyeon, Mina, Nayeon, and Momo made the cut by winning Rock Paper Scissors battles.
  • “I Like That” Sistar has released a MV teaser for their latest summer comeback.
  • Jellyfish Entertainment has unveiled the name of its first ever girl group: Gugdan. Produce 101 trainees Kim Na-young, Kim Se-jeong and Kang Mi-na are also part of the nine-member line-up.
  • With Chae-yeon, Se-jeong and Mi-na out of the picture, it turns out that the anitcipated I.O.I unit is in fact just the rest of the members promoting a new song. Starship has also pulled out their trainee in the group, Yeun-jung, citing a sudden need for further training, though the real reason could have been the negative reception from netizens.
  • The third member of YG‘s new girl group is Jisoo.
  • Seventeen will be promoting a repackaged version of Love & Letter. Member Wonwoo will be on the album, but not on stage as he recuperates from gastritis.
  • Kisum will be releasing her EP, Muzik, on the 23rd.
  • J.Tune Camp‘s Madtown dropped the first teaser for comeback single “Emptiness.”
  • 20160618_seoulbeats_astroFantagio‘s boy group Astro is also getting ready to give us some Summer Vibes with their 2nd mini-album.
  • New girl group 021 is preparing to debut with “Show Me.”
  • Here is another preview of Suzy and Kim Woo-bin‘s new drama, Uncontrollably Fond.
  • Mamamoo will join the growing number of girl groups holding concerts!
  • Monsta X has been added to this year’s Kcon LA line-up.
  • Shinee is returning to the US for another fanmeet, this time in Dallas!

Other News

  • Exo‘s Chanyeol has given antis creating drama for him stern notice on Instagram, telling them to leave him alone.
  • Park Bo-gum and Red Velvet‘s Irene will be stepping down as Music Bank MCs.
  • It turns out JoJo co-wrote Luna‘s “Free Somebody.”
  • Jessica‘s fandom now has an official name: I’m a Golden Star!
  • And SM is still trying to come for Tao and his money.

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