K-pop Indie music can be hard to find because they don’t always have devoted channels on Youtube and people aren’t covering their songs or doing their dances. However, every now and then you come across a gem, an unknown band like 10CM.

10CM is comprised of 2 members, Kwon Jung Yeol, the main vocalist and Yoon Cheol Jong, the guitarist.  What makes these guys so awesome is that they are a living definition of an indie band.  They have no manager, no label and they play in the Hongdae music circuit.  Yet, they are just as successful, bagging the Best Pop Single Award’ at the 2011 Korean Music Awards. Considering how many idols debuted this year, it was quite an achievement.

There music has tones of reggae and soft pop. They have a unique sound that is refreshing to the ears and very relaxing.This is the kind of music you listen to when your sad. Then you become happy and suddenly forgot why you were sad. They really create feel good music. Music that you can draw inspiration and happiness from.

When I heard their single Americano”  I was sold on their music. Its so catchy with the repetitive ‘Ame’ and ‘Seo’. The song is about coffee and the joys of drinking it. Its a happy song and one of their most popular songs.

Another popular 10cm song is “I’m scared of the dark tonight” (오늘밤은 어둠이 무서워요). The lyrics are a bit creepy but because the of the melody it is set to it sounds adorable and cute.

Also check out their album ‘The First EP ‘. I could go one for days about how good these guys are but you guys judge. Are you guys feeling their vibe too?

(LastFm ; Korean Content)