Welcome to this week’s edition of SB Week in Review! It was a relatively quiet week in terms of releases, but the summer comeback announcements were abundant. Looks like we have quite a bit to look forward to! On that note, here’s all the news you might have missed!

Serious News

  • Ga-in has taken legal action against those who circluated innapropriate photos online, claiming they were explicit photos of the singer.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • 20160526_seoulbeats_fiestar_yezi_applepieiKon stole hearts with the release of “#WYD.”
  • Ken (VIXX) participated in Yoon Jong-shin‘s monthly music project with the track “Oversleep.”
  • f(x)‘s Luna made her long-awaited solo debut with the electric, “Free Somebody.”
  • Fiestar served up a fresh batch of “Apple Pie.” The innuendo of both the lyrics and quirky MV is lost on no one.
  • CLC brought an endearing mix of cute and sass with “No Oh No.” This is the group’s first release since the addition of Produce 101 contestants, Eun-bin and Elkie. Unfortunately, sale of the physical copies of Nu.Clear will be delayed, according to Cube.
  • Four years since their debut, and it’s hard to believe EXID only just released their first studio album, Street this week. The MV for “L.I.E.” quickly came under controversy for its, perhaps unsubtle imagery.
  • Heize teamed up with Dean for her new single, “Shut Up & Groove.”
  • KNK are “Back Again.”
  • Former Jewelry member, Seo In-young released her first release under Star Entertainment, “In Your Arms.”
  • SM tried their hand at trot this week with the Station track “You’re the Boss” by  Yoon Jung-soo and Kim Sook.

Teasers & Announcements

  • 20160602_seoulbeats_exo_lucky_oneInfinite‘s L will appear in the new Chinese web drama, Black Cat. 
  • U-KISS has upped the ante for their June 6 “Stalker” comeback, releasing multiple teasers. How are you liking the darker concept?
  • Jung Jin-woon (2AM) will return with another solo venture this month.
  • Maybe this new YG girl group is actually going to happen. This week the company dropped teasers of confirmed member, Jennie Kim. I’ll still only believe it when I see an MV teaser.
  • It’s been a while since we heard from B.A.P.’s sister group, Sonamoo but they’re shooting for a summer comeback.
  • Mnet‘s new survival show, Boys24 is setting itself up for all the drama we’d expect. Check out the teaser for “Rising Star.” Do you think it has the potential to be the next “Pick Me?”
  • Summer is finally upon us, because Sistar have announced their comeback for sometime this month.
    Dal Shabet
    will also be joining the girl group summer comeback race.
  • Big Hit and BTS refuse to give ARMY hearts a break. Next up for the group is “BTS Festa” filled with lots of treats for fans. Check out the schedule of releases!
  • This week was full of changes and announcements for DIA. Jung Chae-yeon will participate in Dream Concert with IOI and not her company’s group, DIA, who pulled out of the concert all together. Furthermore, DIA plans to return as a seven member group with both of its Produce 101 contestants, Chaeyeon and Cathy, but without leader Seunghee.
  • Speaking of IOI, rumors are circulating that Sejung will debut solo next month.
  • Monsta X will hold their first solo concert in Seoul in July.
  • To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Big Bang will release a special movie, BIG BANG: MADE on June 30.
  • The Exo comeback is finally upon us! This round, Exo will be putting out dual title tracks, “Lucky One” and “Monster,” on June 9th, along with their third studio album, EX’ACT. Which title concept are you feeling more: sleepy Tumblr boys or Halloween in the early 90s (Vampire priests!?)

Other News

  • 20130831_seoulbeats_limkim4Songstress Lim Kim has left Mystic Entertainment, no word yet on where she’s headed next.
  • In a rather ignorant move on the part of SM Entertianment, f(x)’s encore concert was scheduled for September 18th in Japan. As such, Victoria will not participate due to “schedule conflicts.”
  • Happy Japanese debut anniversary to BoA! Wow, fifteen years.
  • Another bad week for AOA. First, their Music Bank win was found to be a mistake and the title was instead (rightly) given to Twice. Not only did they lose their trophy, but FNC also decided to end promotions of “Good Luck” after only two weeks. They just can’t catch a break.

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