Welcome to Seoulbeats March Madness 2016: Battle of the Classes! The first round of polling has officially begun and the fate of your faves are at your mercy. Simply vote for who you would like to see move onto the next round. There are no categories based on skill set this year so vote for whoever you want, however you want. Anything goes!

Refer to the bracket below to see where you biases stand and where to stan your biases.

SB-March Madness-Brackets-8

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The opening round consists of 32 matchups and 64 participants competing for the chance to move on to the next round. Your vote counts for 100% of the outcome. This round of voting will come to a close on Thursday March 17 11:59 PM EST. Happy voting!

2012 — Female

2012 — Male

2013 — Female

2013 — Male

2014 — Female

2014 — Male

2015 — Female

2015 — Male

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