It’s Best of Weekly Music Shows time! As things warm up in spring, so does the roster of talent that entertains us. Birds weren’t the only ones migrating back into the scene as Lee Hi and Fiestar made their comebacks. Rookie group KNK also made their debut, adding to the list of new groups entering the class of 2016.

This week also saw the final stages for Gfriend, who had a very successful promotion with “Rough.” Mamamoo cleaned up in rewards with their latest song “You’re the Best,” and fans couldn’t be happier for the quartet. Congratulations, ladies! Also, congrats to B.A.P who won on The Show.

As it goes every time I compose these lists, it was difficult narrowing down the performances that stood out best to me. Naturally, I welcome our readers to chime in with theirs in the comments below.


Fiestar’s “Mirror,” Mnet M! Countdown, March 10, 2016

If you’re going to use fog, make sure it’s for a song that suits it. I love the idea of “smoke and mirrors” for the theme of this stage. I don’t know if that was the intention of whoever planned this, but regardless, it works. Fiestar’s choreography and styling is also on point, matching the fantastically dramatic mood of this song.


Taemin‘s “Press Your Number,” KBS Music Bank, March 11, 2016

Nobody warned me about this salacious choreography, so I almost fell backwards seeing it for the first time. Somehow, I survived the onslaught of Taemin’s hips thrusting towards the camera. Surprise moves aside, this stage demonstrated how much he really loves to dance. I could’ve gone without the hand choreo at the end, but overall, I enjoyed watching him.


Cosmic Girls‘ “Mo Mo Mo,” SBS Inkigayo, March 13, 2016

While the song needs to grow on me, I really love this routine. Their choreography is quite dynamic and complex, which I appreciate on so many levels. A group of this size could’ve easily been given some lazy dance steps to simplify things, yet they took the route of eye-catching moves to appeal to the audience. Huge points for the additional dance break at the end that involved some gymnastics.


Astro‘s “Hide & Seek,” Arirang Simply K-pop, March 11, 2016

One of the best things about rookie groups is their abundance of energy. I love watching groups at this stage of their careers because they always look supremely happy to perform. The quirky dance moves increase the charm of this hyper group and matches the tempo of the song perfectly. Hopefully, they don’t slow down anytime soon.


Gfriend and Twice’s cover of SNSD‘s “Gee,” SBS Inkigayo, March 13, 2016

I couldn’t help putting this in here for a couple of dorky reasons. My first reason is because some SB writers — who I won’t identify — mentioned having this song stuck in their head following this performance. I want it to remain in their brains forever, MUAHAHA! The other reason is I couldn’t help but notice Jeongyeon‘s shirt that expresses her love for cold beer. I don’t care what anyone says; that is hilariously awesome. Her and I can definitely hit a bar together!

Readers, what were the most memorable performances for you this week? Share with us!

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