Hello everyone! I think this is a very special Sunday; wouldn’t you agree?

It’s been a loooooooooooooooong time coming, but f(x) announced their fandom name a few hours ago, following their successful first leg of their Dimension 4: Docking Station tour in Seoul this weekend. I can see why the original fandom name announcement that was meant to happen a couple of months ago didn’t happen then: the timing makes it that much more sentimental.

There was some bemusement regarding the name itself: “미유” or “Me U.” But it’s the pronunciation of the Greek letter μ (anglicised as “mu”). It’s often used in maths and science to denote:

  • ‘micro-‘ like in ‘microlitre’ (μL)
  • ‘population mean’ in probability and statitistics (X ̅ = μ)
  • ‘dynamic viscosity’ if you’re an engineer (μ = 1 cP)

There are many more ways in which μ is used, but the above are the ones I have personal experience with. I only woke up an hour ago, but have been buzzing with excitement ever since I saw this news while checking my emails. While the previously used placeholder ‘aff(x)tion’ is sweet, I’ve always wanted a mathematically-minded fandom name to go along with ‘f(x)’ (which is maths for ‘function’), and what better than an actual mathematical symbol?

What’s more, the name works on different levels. The ‘Me U’ spelling is still sweet, if obvious; and if sentiment and science aren’t enough to convince you, there is another interpretation that my pique the interest of your inner pervert:

F(x)’s fandom name has now also been added to our compendium!

Readers, what are your thoughts on Me U, or as I insist on calling it, μ? Where else ahve you seen the Greek letter-cum-symbol being used?

(Twitter[1][2]. Image via: SM Entertainment)