Noticeably, Tik-Tok has gained traction in K-pop not just for background music and free advertisement, but in dance challenges and catchy choruses that are now a requirement in itself. Long-time artists like Crush have shifted their promotion tactics post-army, such as Crush’s own online challenge for his recent comeback “Rush Hour.” And of course, we can’t forget the “ssaebing/new thing” challenge that’s also been sweeping through idols left and right, entertaining fans of many diverse fandoms at once.

Whether welcomed or despised, Tik-Tok has dug its own space in the genre and is pretty much here to stay. While reflecting on that, I’ve compiled a mixtape of the perfect tunes for any creative content-maker to include in their libraries to make the perfect video. The top half is centered on K-pop, while the bottom half dives more into R&B and hip-hop genres, making for a fun and eclectic mix. I do hope our readers and listeners enjoy it!