September had some unique and gritty concepts that are getting us ready for the upcoming spooky season. On top of that, there were some great collaborations from artists who are exploring different sounds as they continue to evolve with their music.

Balming Tiger ft RM – Sexy Feeling

With a title like “Sexy Feeling” and its flirtatious lyrics, the MV definitely feels like the complete opposite of its song’s message. The overall concept of the MV is more psychedelic with certain scenes that may even make the viewer uncomfortable.

There is a blurry line between reality and fantasy in the MV. In one setting, a member of Balming Tiger is with a doctor who is taking notes. The nurses then place an electrical device on his head with the implication that it alters the brain’s functionality. For instance, once on his head, Mudd the Student imagines that he is having a pillow fight with various children.

Instead of using conventionally sexy images, the MV serves to show the ultimate message behind the song which is about having confidence. RM’s short scene fits into the concept perfectly when he arrives on a basic bike that steps over a tiny car. The implication is that instead of arriving in a fancy car, RM is confident enough to still look good on a regular bicycle. Overall, if you are looking for MV that is less about aesthetics and more about attitude, “Sexy Feeling” is definitely worth a watch.

Craxy – Requiem 

Craxy has had a busy month with multiple MVs released since August. In their MV for “Real,” they have a 50’s diner setting while sporting colorful and girly outfits. “Lion” was purely a performance MV to focus on their choreography. However, it is their MV for “Requiem” that really stood out from the rest.

With “Requiem,” the group has a dark aesthetic with horror concepts interlaced into the MV. 3D effects are used to create more ghastly images with white-out eyes, and slashes against someone’s back. The members of the group have various outfits with layers, jackets, and an overall dark concept. The MV, like the others, is performance-heavy and a unique dance routine. It is clear the members of Craxy are putting emphasis on their dancing to show off their choreographies and abilities. However, the song itself is not lacking talent with its haunting yet catchy chorus. Craxy is definitely a group to watch out for as they continue to evolve as artists.

JayB – Go Up

While his first comeback was mostly R&B, it is nice to see JayB exploring other genres, like funk, as well as voice techniques. At the beginning of the song, JayB takes a husky approach to the lyrics to the point that you might not even recognize him.

The MV is just as lively as the song with an explosion of various types of dancing. With Got7, JayB and the other members were known for their catchy choreographies and creative MVs. However, with this comeback, JayB took a different approach with freestyle break dancing. The song’s lyrics are about letting loose which fits perfectly with the MV’s more laid-back concept.

Yes, we go up
If we let ’em down
I’m the light
Dance again (Everybody)
Just for today, as I like
Let yourself go
What are you afraid of?
The more you do that
Let ’em down, down, down

The MV is fairly simple but it does have a touch of symbolism. At the beginning of “Go Up,” JayB is heading out after what looks like a crazy party from the night before. An older man and young boy follow him around as sort of a look at his past and future self. All three of them join in together on the dancing implying that JayB’s persona will not change despite his age. 

Crush and J-Hope – Rush Hour

The MV for “Rush Hour” is inspired by ’90s hip-hop with its colorful settings and retro fashion. The song itself has a funky and addictive melody. The choreography has the dancers following the same steps as Crush but facing various directions. This unique strategy gives the dance routine an illusion of being free-style despite that it does have a structure. Like in JayB’s MV, the concept is mostly about having fun and enjoying the music with no deeper meaning behind it.

While RM’s collaboration is more of an experimental hip-hop sound, J-hope’s is definitely more classic hip-hop. He also incorporates his own choreography giving us a different approach than Crush’s routine. They seamlessly come together in the end as if they have been making music together all their lives. Ultimately, this was a great choice for J-hope as he continues to explore his musical career outside of BTS.

Bibi – Animal Farm

“Animal Farm” needs a trigger warning for those that cannot handle this much blood and gore. Bibi has since clarified that there is no deeper meaning to the MV’s concept. In fact, she added that it was actually a homage to the film, “Kill Bill.” Despite that she may not have had a deeper meaning, the title of the song, “Animal Farm,” is a reference to George Orwell’s book that does in fact have an allegorical meaning. The novel is a critique of the hypocrisy of the revolutionists who claim to be better than former dictators. 

At the beginning of the MV, Bibi is laid on the table with an apple in her mouth like a pig is normally prepared for a feast. The men sitting at the table are all wearing white masks with the implication that they are hiding their true identities. They are all eventually slaughtered by Bibi. Ultimately, the gritty MV is a nice approach for the upcoming month as horror movies are just around the corner. It is also nice to see a feminine persona that is also gruesome to break apart the stereotype of the perfect pop star. Again, even if the MV did not have a deeper meaning, the song certainly does with its references to the novel, “Animal Farm.” 

is it a farm is it society
am i a tiger or a gazelle
it might be pretty
it might be beautiful

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