Serious News

  • 20150820_seoulbeats_exo_taoNorth Korea reported that they had successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb on January 5. While there were confirmed measurements of seismic activity in the area, international scientists were quick to cast doubts by saying the activity was not strong enough to be from an h-bomb.
  • Partially in response, South Korea announced plans to resume their propaganda broadcasts across the border that caused tensions earlier this year.
  • SM Entertainment won a lawsuit filed against former Exo member Tao this week. The suit regarded money that the company fronted Tao prior to his official departure and lawsuit that was never paid back. Tao’s agency responded by saying that SM purposely prevented them from returning the money.
  • Big Bang‘s Seungri filed charges this week against a female singer — rumored to be Shin Eun-sung — for scamming him out of a reported 2 billion won. He later dropped the charges on January 7.


Debuts & Comebacks


  • Dal Shabet returned with “Someone Like U.”
  • Vixx‘s Ravi dropped the first single of his mixtape “Where Should I Go” on SoundCloud.
  • Lee Hyun-woo and Louie (Geeks) released the collaboration single, “Your Face.”
  • K.Will partnered with Davichi for “You Call it Romance.” The MV stars Monsta X‘s Hyungwon. The collaboration track comes as part of Starship Entertainment‘s series of special releases.
  • Suzy (Miss A) and Baekhyun (Exo) teamed up for the jazzy collaboration, “Dream.” Would you like to see more cross-agency collaborations?
  • Lucky J (comprised of rappers & singers Jessi, J’Kyun and J-Yo) made their comeback this week with “No Love.”


Teasers & Announcements

  • 20160108_seoulbeats_winnerSuper Junior‘s Ryeowook will reportedly release his first solo album early this year!
  • Star Empire released the first teaser for their upcoming boy group, IMFACT.
  • Winner will finally be making a comeback with an album comprised of all self-written tracks. YG also began dropping teasers for their Project Exit Movement. Check out the cinematic video teaser!
  • The final line-up for Starship Entertainment’s Cosmic Girls has been revealed! The group will be comprised of three sub-units: the Wonder Unit, the Sweet Unit, and the Natural Unit.
  • Teen Top dropped the first teaser image for their “Red Point” comeback. Expect the new track and MV on January 18!
  • Exciting news for U.S. fans: Epik High will be performing at Coachella this year!
  • In idol casting news, SNSD‘s Seohyun and IU will be joining Baekhyun in upcoming drama, Moon Lovers.
  • Love it or hate it, Mnet’s Unpretty Rap Star will be back for a third season. Show Me the Money will also return for its fifth season.
  • DSP Media confirmed that Park Sung-min will be leaving A-JAX.
  • Tablo‘s boutique label HIGHGRND released an ambiguous teaser titled “Lip Reading,” and subsequently announced The Black Skirts as the latest act to join the label.
  • GFriend plan to make their comeback on January 25.
  • Cross Gene will also be making a Korean comeback at some point this month.
  • CJ E&M in conjunction with LiveWorks Company announced their plans for a new 24 member “stage group” Boys 24.
  • T-ara‘s Hyomin plans to have a solo comeback in March.


Other News


  • CJ E&M have entered into a strategic partnership with AOMG, which was founded by Jay Park in 2013.
  • EXID‘s company plans to advance in China with Banana Project.
  • Bestie‘s Da-hye was injured this week, which will delay the group’s comeback. Wishing her a speedy recovery!
  • The future of Kara remains up in air, but rumors are circulating that the original three members plan to leave DSP, leaving new member Young-ji alone.
  • Roy Kim revealed through a V App broadcast that he will be returning to the United States to continue his education. But don’t worry too much, he also said he’ll return soon!


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