20150227_seoulbeats_shinhwa_weHello everyone, and Happy Sunday!

This weekend has brought the drama with iKon and YG being accused of using the colour orange for the group’s lightstick. Orange, of course, was adopted by first generation idol group Shinhwa. Both Shinhwa and iKon fans were at each others’ throats on social media this weekend, with even some Shinhwa members adding their two cents.

First, leader Eric used the group company’s official Twitter account to ask that idol group juniors refrain from using the colour orange. Later on, member Dong-wan issued a lengthier statement that condemned the more unsavoury actions undertaken by Shinhwa Changjo in this mess affair (like making sexually harassing remarks about iKon members and fans). But he also added that he could not “overlook” disrespect towards Shinhwa’s legacy. Jun-jin, coincidentally, also posted an Instavideo of orange-clad fans around this time.

Officials from YG Entertainment have not, and probably will not, given comment.

Seoulbeats has written about fandom colours before, most recently on how the next generation of K-pop is avoiding the issue altogether by trading colours for symbols. And this seems to be exactly what iKon was going for with its lightstick. Instead of relying solely on colour to differentiate it, the lightstick is unique for its shape — the shape of a baseball bat.

[youtube www.youtube.com/watch?v=58cbllRQvGs]

Apparently meant to tie in with the sport theme of debut album Welcome Back, the KonBat may have some worried about the possibility of it being used for violence. If you think about it that way, though, any lightstick could be weaponized; if anything, the KonBat is actually safe with its lack of sharp edges and corners.

I have a feeling the colour issue will be discussed in the comments; but as long as Eric and company leave alone Seoulbeats’ own penchant for their favourite colour, I’ll focus on other things instead.

What I would really like to know is: what are some of your favourite light sticks? Maybe the KonBat is your style; or perhaps Mamamoo’s radish tickles your fancy? It could even be something else: let us know what it is in the comments below!

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