20151030_seoulbeats_northsouthreunion_fatheranddaughters_koosangyeon_koosongok_kooseonok_yonhapWelome to another edition of Week in Review, everyone. Here is your weekly update:

Serious News

  • The second round of North-South reunions happened this past weekend. Families separated by the Korean War came together at Mount Geumgang in North Korea for a three day period between the 24th and 26th. The first round of reunions for 2015 took place last week.
  • Teachers’ groups in South Korea have warned of refusal to use the government-issued History textbooks, which is expected to be published in late 2017.
  • Jonghyun reminded us all of his social justice leanings by joining the growing chorus of dispproval regarding the History textbook, as well as an earlier starting age for schooling.
  • This latter measure is another initiative from the government, which plans to shift the education system forward so that the next generation overcome all the hurdles to parenthood a year earlier, thus leading to a higher birth rate. Or something like that…
  • Police have arrested a group of people blackmailing actress Lee Yu-bi (The Scholar Who Walks the Night). The group had obtained Lee’s lost phone and demanded 20 million won ransom for it.

20151026_seoulbeats_fxComebacks and Debuts

  • f(x) is back! The now-quartet dropped album 4 Walls on Tuesday, and I’m struggling because I’m still not over the groovy .gif teasers. Former member Sulli also posted a message of support on Instagram. Unfortunately, it seems the timing was forced by media and netizen comments, which criticised her for supporting IU‘s comeback but not her former group’s.
  • Eastern Sidekick has put out its new album, Total Reflections, on Bandcamp. Be sure to check out the MV for lead single “Digger” as well!
  • This week saw the premiere of another manhwa-turned-drama about the workplace. Awl stars Ji Hyun-woo (Angry Mom) and Ahn Nae-sang (Kill Me, Heal Me), and feels like a mashup of Cart and Misaeng.
  • Bubblegum is another new drama beginning its run, starring Jung Ryeo-won and Lee Dong-wook. As per its name, Bubblegum is a breezy rom-com about two best friends.
  • Kisum released new single “Love Talk” featuring Mamamoo‘s Hwasa.

Teasers and Announcements

  • B.A.P has been going all out hyping fans for new mini-album Matrix. The members have been releasing audio previews on their individual Twitter accounts. Have you heard them all?
  • Brown Eyed Girls are building up to their new album Basic. Who is looking forward to the return of JeANarsha, Miryo and Ga-in?
  • Dynamic Duo will also be making a long-awaited comeback. Prepare yourselves for more mentions of Sulli — Choiza‘s already rapped about her during an appearance on Yoo Jae-suk‘s show Sugarman.
  • You can lock up your heart, but you can’t keep it safe from Vixx. The group released the first image teaser for its upcoming November comeback, which hints at a return to the dark concept.
  • Soloist Joo is another singer returning after a hiatus. Formerly under JYP Entertainment, she has found a new home in Woollim Entertainment. Check out the preview for “Cry & Blow” here.
  • 20151030_seoulbeats_jaypark_worldwidetracklist_fbLook out for an 18-track album from Jay Park this November, titled Worldwide.
  • Zico dropped the teaser for “Boys and Girls,” featuring Babylon; but we aren’t completely impressed.
  • Unpretty Rapstar will see appearances from SM idols Chanyeol and Tiffany in an upcoming episode. Cue confused looks.
  • More f(x) news! Leader Victoria has officially opened her solo studio in China. What’s more, the group will be holding its first solo concert in January.
  • EXID will be going up against the autumn ballads with a dance-based comeback in November.
  • Fellow girl group Tahiti will also be making a return in November. Wow is this month shaping up to be a busy one!
  • 4Minute will be visiting South America on a fanmeet tour this November, making stops in Peru, Chile and Argentina. Will you be attending?
  • So Ji-sub (Master’s Sun) and Shin Min-ah (Arang and the Magistrate) will be pairing up in upcoming rom-com drama Oh My Venus. KBS released the first teaser this week.
  • And finally, YG has announced an extravaganza of a comeback for Winner, replete with four music videos. This comes on the heels of Winner fans announcing a boycott of the group’s latest DVD, due to a lack of comeback from the group. I can’t wait to find out when/if this actually happens!

Other News

  • Kim Ha-neul will be getting married this coming March. The actress’ relationship with an unnamed businessman became public in September. Congrats to the couple!
  • One-time U-Kiss maknae Dong-ho is also getting married. The former idol, also known as DJ Justin, will be tying the knot in November at the tender age of 21. Considering Dong-ho’s age, this news came as a shock to many, including fellow U-Kiss alumnus Xander. Dong-ho appears to be downplaying rumours of a shotgun wedding; but whatever the driver, we still wish Dong-ho all the best in his married life!

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