Welcome back to another edition of SB Week in Review! In case you missed it, here’s all the news of the week:

Serious News

  • 20151014_seoulbeats_ikonYG rookie group iKON was accused of logo plagiarism. Turns out that the group had copyrighted their logo back in August of 2014, and the logo was modeled after the Korean flag and not the bike company that was suspected. Unfortunately, this adds another rocky event to an already turbulent debut.
  • President Park Geun-hye visted the U.S. — and subsequently the Pentagon — this week and continued to push the strength of the U.S.-Korean alliance.
  • South Korea, Japan and China plan to hold cyber security talks in the near future.
  • The final patient to be cleared of the MERS virus returned to the hospital this week and tested positive for the virus again.
  • South Korea remains committed to the implementation of state designated school textbooks, which is likely to create even more tension with neighbor Japan.

Comebacks and Debuts

  • 20151016_seoulbeats_btob_way_back_homeBtoB released yet another drama-style MV for their latest release “Way Back Home” on October 12. The single came alongside the release of their seventh mini album I Mean.
  • R&B star Zion.T returned with the monochrome “No Make Up” MV and continues to melt hearts with his smooth vocals.
  • 10cm dropped the MV for “October Rain” off their new album 3.1.
  • Huh-gak returned this week with a collaboration single, “Up All Night,” featuring recent SMTM4 winner Basick.
  • Super Junior member, Kyuhyun returned this week with his sophomore solo album When Fall Ends. The MV for the lead single, “A Million Pieces,” features actress Go Ara and was shot in Switzerland. Looks like once SM starts venturing out of the box, they make the most of the scenery.

Teasers and Announcements

  • 20151016_seoulbeats_parachuteB.A.P. continued to tease their long-awaited return this week with the release of a special Mato Puzzle. Any ideas as to what it means?
  • IU will be coming back on October 23 with a new mini album, Chat-shire. The songstress also began dropping individual song teasers for tracks “Shower” and “Shoes.”
  • Block B leader Zico will be returning as a solo artist with “Yes or No” on October 19.
  • Tablo‘s new label Highgrnd released ambiguous teasers of their first artist debut through a video series “Parachute.” Oh Hyuk from popular indie band Hyukoh was recognized as well as Dok2.
  • FNC‘s latest boy band, N.Flying, began to release image teasers for upcoming comeback single “Lonely,” which is due out on October 22.
  • JYP continued to drop teasers this week for the debut of its new girl group Twice and their debut single “Ooh-Ahh.” The zombie concept will be perfectly timed for Halloween!
  • Sooyoung (SNSD) was cast in the upcoming KBC2 special drama Perfect Sense where she will play a blind woman.
  • JYP rookie band Day6 will begin holding their first solo concerts in November.

Other News

  • 20151016_seoulbeatS_jyp_uniformExo held the first ever concert in Korea’s new Gocheok Sky Dome. Former member Luhan also released yet another MV for “Medals.”
  • Secret celebrated their sixth anniversary this week and released a special MV for “For Secret Time” in celebration.
  • Rain plans to start his own agency named Rain Company. So, um, is this going to be another J Tune Camp?
  • High School photos of Unpretty Rapstar 2 contestant, Truedy surfaced this week and proved many netizen speculations that her “look” is little more than an appropriation of Black Culture.
  • There appears to be some disagreement between MNet and YG Entertainment. Reportedly, no YG artists will attend the 2015 MAMA awards. Unfortunately, this would mean a MAMA awards without a rendition of “Fantastic Baby.”
  • Following the divorce announcement of Dad! Jia’s father, Song Jong-guk, rumors began to circulate of extra-marital affairs. Song Jong-guk issued an official apology and said he will go into reflection.
  • SNSD member Yuri and boyfriend of six months Oh Seung-hwan were confirmed to have broken up. In other break-up news: Unpretty Rapstar 2 contestant Heize and Crucial Star also confirmed the end of their relationship.
  • JYP fell into controversy this week for their over-sexualized school uniform ads. Following the initial reports, JYPE released an official apology and vowed to change the advertisements.
  • Super Junior members Eunhyuk and Donghae began their official enlistment in the South Korean army this week. Wishing them the best until their return!

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