Welcome back to this installment of Seoulbeats’ Week in Review! Here are some of the happenings this week that you may have missed:


  • 20140731_seoulbeats_leejungheeThe international reaction to Lee Jung-hee’s scandal has been widespread and fervent, although the case was recently revealed to be an alleged scam. The mother and her sons participated in a filming program, and they unintentionally confessed that they were fabricating lies, when they didn’t realize the cameras and mics were still left running.
  • The Kim Hyun-joong saga doesn’t end. More texts messages have been revealed, shedding more light on the assault and miscarriages.
  • E-Sens has filed an appeal against his 1.5 years sentence for marijuana usage.
  • SM has filed a lawsuit against advertisement companies and production companies who hired Kris, for infringing on the rights of SM and EXO.




  • 20150731_seoulbeats_bigbangTalented group SG Wannabe will be making a comeback in mid-August, after 4 years, and have released a teaser to provide a walk down memory lane.
  • Followed Leessang‘s recent comeback, Gary will release a solo album in August, and Gil in September.
  • For their August promotions, Big Bang has released a teaser photo for “Let’s Not Love”, set to be released on August 5.
  • Wonder Girls has released a teaser for “I Feel You”, as well as album preview for Reboot.
  • More news coming from JYP Nation: New boy band, creatively named Day6 (previously 5Live), will be joining Twice in the list of upcoming debuts.
  • YG will be working extra hard leading up to September, as Psy‘s comeback is schedule in the same month as iKon‘s debut.
  • T-ara will be coming back with “Totally Crazy” on August 3rd, and has released a colourful group teaser.
  • Shinee has continued to please our eyes with teaser photos of their repackaged album Married To The Music.
  • Unpretty Rapstar winner Cheetah has released a series of teaser videos for her upcoming single “My Number”.
  • B1A4 will be making their comeback with Sweet Girl, with the members participating in the production of the album. Various teaser images of the boys have been released, showcasing a variety of concepts.
  • DSP Media has released a teaser video to officially introduce the members of new girl group April.
  • Popular webtoon Cheese In The Trap as finally landed a heroine in its drama remake. Kim Go-eun will be starring, alongside Park Hae-jin.


  • 20150731_seoulbeats_baeyongjoon_parksoojinBae Yong-joon has tied the knot with Park Soo-jin, amidst much headlines and fanfare.
  • Congratulations to Huh Gak, who will be welcoming a second child to his family soon.
  • Plagiarism accusations continue to plague Hykoh, who recently experienced a sudden rise to fame after guesting on Infinity Challenge. One of their songs have been noted to be similar to a song produced by Beach Fossils. Homage, or plagiarism?
  • It has been announced that the MAMA ceremony will take place in Hong Kong, for the fourth consecutive year.

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