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This week, in idols and music, we covered AOA‘s “Heart Attack” MV and comeback album, Mamamoo‘s Pink Funky album and “Um Oh Ah Yeh” MV, Sistar‘s “Shake It” and Teen Top‘s “Ah Ah.”

In fashion and TV topics, we took a look at our favorite performances from last week’s music shows, episodes 9-12 of Warm and Cozy, Girls’ Generation’s latest photoshoot and the first episodes of High Society.

Our Sunday Social celebrated Father’s Day by asking what your dad thinks of K-pop. Our Roundtable delved into our writers’ guilty pleasures, and our Week in Review segment covered news from this past week.

I chosen to highlight two of your comments this week:

Camille カミーユ on High Society, Episodes 1-4: Love, Lies and Money

the plot looks really interesting but just like the authors, I’m now very picky with dramas. I watch less of them and select them carefully before choosing to watch one. It really looks promising but I think I’ll wait till the drama is entirely aired so I know which direction it will take at the end. There’s nothing more frustrating when a drama starts well but ends up being disappointing.

♥♥ on Roundtable: K-pop Guilty Pleasures

Seoul beats is my guilty pleasure

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