20120822_seoulbeats_shinee_taeminHi everyone; hope you’ve all had/are having a lovely Sunday.

We have finally reached the Elite 8 stage of this year’s Seoulbeats March Madness! And now that we know which idols survived the previous rounds of voting, I thought it would be a good time to compare the actual Elite 8 with the Seoulbeats editors’ predictions last month.

Considering the, er, adventurous nature of most of our predictions, there weren’t a lot of matches. But, one editor managed to rise above the rest!

Ambika managed to pick seven of the eight idols, missing out only on Taemin — though, none of us could have foretold that last minute push from Taemints and Shawols that allowed the devillish dancer maknae of Shinee to defeat B-Boy Jay Park.

Next best is yours truly, with five out of eight. I aced guessing the guys, but failed miserably on the female side. Yoon Mi-rae was the only one I correctly predicted to top her category.

Laverne and Lindsay tie for third place with four correct guesses each. Laverne may have thought she was safe backing last year’s runner-up Hyorin, but she was thwarted by the push for Ailee this year. Lindsay, meanwhile, foresaw the Ailee-Nana match-up, but struck out on an incorrect prediction of a T.O.PJonghyun match-up (which, admittedly, would have been pretty cool if it had happened).

Trailing behind is our man Mark, with two out of eight correct thanks to picks of Taemin and Ailee. And finally, we have our dear Editor-in-Chief Leslie, who only got one out of eight. But, it turned out to be the only one she wanted, as she is the biggest Taemint I know.

So that’s how we fared; how about you guys?

Do the actual Elite 8 differ from your predictions? And if so, how?

(Image via: Etude House)