Welcome to the seventh episode of Pass the K-popcorn, where the Seoulbeats team get together to discuss their thoughts on K-entertainment and share their personal experiences.

Many will agree that dance is the face of K-pop. However, even this aspect of Korean pop culture has morphed over the years. The choreographies of the 2000s and 2010s are worlds apart, and even in 2022, K-pop dance has taken on a new flavor. Join us as we discuss the evolution of dance through the years following shifts in music trends and the rising appeal of female girl group choreographies.

Listen to it here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6zyLPkZpC8D9FLFK2jrTep?si=b5cb5eab310b4755

0:01:58 The rise of fourth-generation girl groups

0:06:40 Pros and Cons: Hip-hop styles and increasing difficulty

0:08:55 Music accommodating dance

0:17:25 Is K-pop only about (hard) dances?

0:22:22 Building identity through songwriting

0:27:12 Best of K-pop dancers

0:31:54 Spotlighting Korean dancers beyond idols

  • Street Woman Fighter

(Music by lrobinson_sds from Pixabay)

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