There is only one week left in March but there’s still two more rounds of March Madness! As March Madness draws to a close, the polling gets more intense and the window to vote becomes shorter. We’re close to finding out who will represent the male and female sides in the Championship round as only two remain on each side of the gender divide.

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In the battle of Rap versus Dance regions last round, Rap came out on top both times. Yoon Mi-rae reinforced her legacy as she reined over Boa and Tablo also had no trouble in taking care of Taemin. In the Vocals versus Visual battle, Ailee came out on top over Nana and, after going neck and neck for the first day of competition, Jaejoong experienced a significant spike in voting which allowed him to coast past Junsu. Is anyone surprised?

The promise of Yoon Mi-rae versus Tablo in the final round seems to be the most intriguing but Jaejoong and Ailee both pose a tough challenge to this dream matchup. Who would you like to see in the Championship battle? Voting for the Final Four ends on March 27 at 11:59 EST.

Don’t stop the madness!

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