20120617_seoulbeats_yoonmiraeMarch Madness will be upon us sooner than you know it but first we must reveal the final region. The Male Rap region brought together some of the legends of K-hip hop with some of today’s hottest trending rappers, and the Female Rap region beckons to do more of the same. With the growing popularity of Unpretty Rap Star, this looks to be another hotly contested debate. Take a gander at our selected stock and answer this one question: did we get it right?

seoulbeats_march madness_female rap#1: Yoon Mi-rae

New Entry


#2: CL (2NE1)

Last Year’s Finish: Round of 64

Eliminated by: Nana (After School)


#3: Hyuna (4Minute)

Last Year’s Finish: Round of 32

Eliminated by: Minzy (2NE1)


#4: Amber (f(x))

Last Year’s Finish: Elite 8

Eliminated by: Lee Hyori


#5: Miryo (BEG)

New Entry


#5: Yubin (Wonder Girls)

New Entry

20150218_seoulbeats_wonder girls_yubin

#6: Bora (Sistar)

Last Year’s Finish: Round of 64

Eliminated by: Sunny (SNSD)


#6: Jimin (AOA)

New Entry


#7: Hana (Secret)

New Entry


#7: LE (EXID)

New Entry


#8: Woori (Rainbow)

New Entry


#8: Lime (Hello Venus)

New Entry

20150218_seoulbeats_hello venus_lime

Which pretty or unpretty rap star will you set your sights on?

(Images via Feel Ghood Music, YG Entertainment, Cube Entertainment, SM Entertainment, Nega Network, JYP Entertainment, Starship Entertainment, FNC Entertainment, Yedang Entertainment, TS Entertainment, DSP Media, Fantagio Music)