20140606_seoulbeats_ukiss3KISSME are you ready? U-KISS is having a comeback!

Although NH Media has only released an image, it’s at least verification that the group is still going strong. Since their June 2014 comeback, the group has been relatively quiet. They have been mostly touring overseas, performing in musicals, hosting their respective shows, and promoting in Japan.

From the teaser image, the group may be going for a more natural, and less scandalous, concept. However, this could always just be a way to lull us into a sense of safety until they unleash the sexy. Sadly, AJ will once again be absent from promotions while he’s studying at Columbia University.

This will be the first Korean comeback for the group following their rather controversial “Don’t Flirt.” This will also be new member Jun‘s first comeback, so it will be interesting to see how he’s progressed since “Don’t Flirt.”

Here is their latest song, Japanese track “Sweetie,” to tide you over until the new release.


Are you guys excited? What concept would you like them to have?

(Avex Network, YouTube [1], images via NH Media)