20150127_seoulbeats_aileeThanks to the crowdfunding platform Krowdpop, international fans will have the opportunity to see Ailee, Jay Park, and San E during their 2015 world tour in March! The tour, called “Unite the Mic,” will take the trio to four US cities (New York City, Dallas, Las Vegas, and San Francisco), Toronto, Canada, and Istanbul, Turkey in only eleven days. For those who want the chance to see these artists live, tickets go on sale January 29 — that’s tonight — at 9:00 PM EST for the North American dates and February 5 at 9:00 PM EET for Istanbul.

The six tour stops were chosen by fan votes, though the concerts are not set in stone; each date requires that a specific number of tickets be sold in order for the show to take place. If the ticket quota isn’t reached, the concert won’t be happening. However, organizers Krowdpop encourage fans to risk buying tickets before the dates are confirmed by offering “special perks,” such as exclusive posters and artist engagement sessions, that those who choose to wait might not be able to access.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdMta6-AxXY]

Ailee, Jay Park and San E are especially good candidates for this crowdfunding method, since all three are well known to international fans, and will likely be able to draw enough ticket purchases to confirm the dates without trouble. Plus, the model has proven that it can work — last year, Teen Top worked with Krowdpop to have fans select the cities for their successful US tour. In a way, the success of this tour is crucial; even with the obvious domination of US cities in the lineup, the inclusion of Istanbul shows that the efforts of Krowdpop allows fans in less frequently visited areas to enjoy live K-pop concerts. If “Unite the Mic” goes well, we could see even more fans get the opportunity to bring idols to their countries.

Readers, what are your thoughts about crowdfunding concerts? Do you foresee this platform becoming more popular? And, of course, are you excited to see these three artists take on a world tour? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

(Krowdpop, YouTube, Images via Krowdpop)