141224_seoulbeats_parkhanbyul_jungeunwooPark Han-byul is dating actor Jung Eun-woo, according to a report by The Fact (formerly Sports Seoul) on December 24. This relationship follows the actress’s break-up at the beginning of the year with her long-time boyfriend Se7en, who is currently serving in the army and will be discharged on December 28.

According to The Fact, Park Han-byul and Jung Eun-woo met while filming for the SBS drama A Well Raised Daughter, and they grew close in the process, eventually becoming a couple. The report also includes pictures from a date between the two that were captured by the media outlet. Representatives from both companies have confirmed the relationship, with Jung Eun-woo’s agency stating that it hasn’t been long since they’ve started dating. A friend of the couple has also said that although they were reluctant to publicize their relationship, they are getting along well.

Furthermore, following the dating news of the two, reports have also been released on the same day stating that Jung Eun-woo could be enlisting in the army next year. He is currently waiting for the results of a second physical examination, after having been dismissed from his first due to an injured leg nerve, and if he passes, he will be enlisting in the latter half of 2015. This news is quite coincidental, as netizens have commented that Jung Eun-woo’s enlistment will mean that Park Han-byul will become the girlfriend of a soldier for a second time. 

Nevertheless, congratulations to Park Han-byul and Jung Eun-woo!

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