On October 30th, Spica released their teaser for their upcoming digital single “Ghost”:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_39iHLbXZ3M]

The 5th of November sees the full release of the MV, and seems to be a change of tempo for the group. Last time we saw the girls, four out of five of them performed in the subgroup Spica.S with “Give Your Love“, which, quite frankly, disappointed many. It’ll be great to see how the group comes together again, this time with main vocal Kim Boa returning with the group to present “Ghost”. Perhaps the return of the lead vocal will inject the necessary ‘oomph’ that was lacking in “Give Your Love.” Fans can expect to see a mature and melancholy side to Spica, as the teaser hints at a move away from their usual fierce and fun concepts.

Spica’s rise to fame was initially slow, but their recent songs as a quintet have done consistently well. Despite this, however, Spica has not managed to win any music show awards thus far. If YouTube views are anything to go by, their popularity has declined somewhat with every song. Perhaps this new angle will give Spica the revitalising boost that they need and the recognition they deserve.

Stay tuned to read what Seoulbeats thinks of Spica’s upcoming comeback!

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