20141118_seoulbeats_parkhyoshin3Solo artist Park Hyo-shin will be making a comeback with a new single album! This new single, entitled “Happy Together,” will be released on November 24.

In addition to news of the new single, Jellyfish Entertainment announced that an extra concert would be added to Park Hyo-shin’s upcoming live tour. Demand for tickets was huge, and all five of the originally scheduled concerts sold out instantly after ticket sales began. Beginning in December, the tour will celebrate the 15th anniversary of the veteran singer’s career.

Although the international K-pop community may not be well acquainted with Park Hyo-shin, he is an absolute powerhouse in Korea. While he lacks the flashy concepts that make idol groups so popular, he is widely loved and respected for his husky voice and emotional songs. His return from a four year hiatus in March of this year proved his popularity as he topped charts and won music shows with his song “Wild Flower.”

Jellyfish has revealed that Park Hyo-shin intended “Happy Together” to serve as a sequel to “Wild Flower,” and the connection between the two has increased anticipation for the new song. Considering the impact of his illustrious comeback earlier this year, as well as his impressive ticket sales, all signs seem to point towards success for Park Hyo-shin during the end of 2014.

If his past releases are any indication, Park Hyo-shin will charm both the ears and hearts of listeners with this new single. Those of you who want to dive deeper into the Korean music industry should definitely check out “Happy Together,” and, as always, make sure to stay tuned and see what Seoulbeats thinks of the song!

(Naver, Images via Jellyfish Entertainment)