Unhappy with their current state of affairs, SM Entertainment has chosen to distract gift the public with a new male soloist.

The industry giant released a teaser image through their Twitter account although they did not reveal who the mysterious solo artist was, nor when the debut date would be. This was a smart move on SM’s part as it diverted attention from their current negative image as fans scrambled to be the first to correctly identify the artist — speculations ran rampant from one of the SM Rookies to a current idol group member.

Sleuthy fans discovered a mole on the pinky of the artist and deduced that the soloist was to be none other than Super Junior-M’s Zhou Mi. Although this has not yet been officially confirmed by SM, the SMTown website already lists his first mini-album, Rewind, all but confirming the news.


Zhou Mi’s reveal was similar to that of fellow Super Junior-M member, Henry. In fact, it’s impossible not to draw comparisons between the two. Both were severely neglected for years down in SM’s dungeon, despite their talent in composing and writing lyrics for Super Junior-M and other artists. Hopefully Zhou Mi has been allowed some creative input for his debut as Henry was for his.

Zhou Mi’s solo debut is an excellent decisions as he is already well-known with a dedicated group of fans, has decent vocal abilities, and can help SM prove that they totally don’t discriminate against their Chinese idols.

I kid about the last part but it is great to know that Zhou Mi is finally getting a chance to shine. Rewind is scheduled for a Halloween digital release, followed by a physical release on the 3rd of November; I know I’m not the only one eagerly anticipating his debut!

Did you guess correctly? Excited for Zhou Mi’s solo debut? What do you expect from Rewind? More ballades like “Blind,” or something different?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mohGpMiS4Cw]

(SM Entertainment, 10asia)