Well, that was fast! But YG‘s newest boy band was called “Winner” for a reason, and have been working hard to fulfil that prophecy. First, the group debuted with an all-kill for “Empty” — one of two title tracks off album 2014 S/S — and now quintet have clinched their first music show win, beating out Block B on Mnet‘s M!Countdown.

It was also one of those rare occasions where the encore was televised, and Winner made the most of it: I have no idea what Seung-hoon is doing but I am loving it.

Winner also joins a select group of idols to win a trophy for their debut release. And if my calculations are right, Winner winning nine days after the digital release makes them the fastest idol group to take out a music show. And even that turns out to not be the case, it will still be one of the fastest.

Congratulations to Winner on their first win! Readers, what do you think of Winner’s comeback so far?

(Mnet, YG Life, YouTube)