20140610_seoulbeats_winnerIt’s a big month for the YG Entertainment family. Not only did Taeyang finally release his solo album but now boy group Winner has officially begun their debut process as well. The group — formally known as Team A — triumphed on the show YG’s WIN in October 2013 with a guarantee of debuting but it has taken until now for this promise to become a reality. There wasn’t a lot of fuss or even a warning, YG just dropped Winner’s MV teaser out of nowhere and fans are now inevitably coping with the backlash of surprise feels.

Although teasers don’t always indicate what the song or MV are actually going to be like, we can at least assume they are going for a cool combined with creepy vibe. Something about the teaser is unsettling but difficult to put your finger on — which isn’t a bad thing. Luckily, if the final product is anything like the teaser, it seems like Winner is going to have a unique and polished debut.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XntUhF68DJc]

Who’s excited? And who’s still waiting for Team B?

(YG Entertainment)