It’s March, and that means it’s time for the once annual event: March Madness.

For the uninitiated, here’s how March Madness works:

SB-March Madness-Brackets-8

(Click to enlarge)

We have a couple of brackets in four categories — dance, vocal, visuals, and variety. There are female idols on one side of the brackets and then male idols on the other.

The image above should be pretty self explanatory, but for those still confused: For the first round, we’ll be working on the outer brackets, where we’ve paired 8 idols against each other for each category. When polls open in a couple of days, you’ll be voting on the best 4 best idols for each category — best for dance in male and female, best for vocal in male and female, etc. — and polls will run for 5 days.

After the polls close, the winners from those rounds will go up against each other. Let’s say from the dance category, we have Idol 1 vs Idol 2, and Idol 3 vs Idol 4. Idol 1 and Idol 4 both win their matchups, so Idol 1 and Idol 4 will go up against each other. The “winning” idol from the dance bracket will go up against the winning one from vocal, and then whoever wins that will go up against whoever won in the visuals vs. variety round. Capiche?

Whoever gets crowned the winner of the male idols will go up against the female idol in a final death match (just kidding, no deaths, just match), and whoever wins that round gets crowned the Ultimate Idol.

So what’s your part in all of this? March Madness usually involves people predicting who will win the brackets, plain and simple.

Starting today, you submit who you think will win the brackets HERE. Prizes will be given to three people who predicted the Ultimate Idol, with the tie-breakers being: 1) Closest to predicting the final two, 2) closest to predicting the final four, 3) closest to predicting the final eight.

In the event that there are still ties, we’ll figure out three winners the old fashioned way: names on pieces of paper + random draws.

You can only submit your bracket predictions once and you won’t be able to make edits after you’re done, so think carefully! We will take predictions until March 12 at 11:45PM EST. After that point, the submission page will close.

Official polling for the first round will begin on March 12, so hang tight!

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know in the section below.