Just one episode this week! Due to Lunar New Year, Thursday’s episode of “You From Another Star” won’t air and will be replaced by a Kim Soo-hyun movie (“Covertly, Grandly“), which means that now all the episodes going forward will end on an odd-numbered one, which drives me crazy.

Anyway, I haven’t had a chance to watch this week’s episode yet so I can’t talk much about what happened, so chat among yourselves about yesterday’s plot points.

I can say that I think this drama would’ve been better off with 16 episodes instead of 20, because another 8 episodes seems like a lot of space to fill, given that in last week’s episode, Cheon Song-yi was on the cusp of finding out Do Min-joon’s true identity. We’re heading into the arch of a K-drama where people are just pushing back and forth being noble idiots and I predict that the drama won’t be able to maintain its zippy pace for the remainder of its run. But I’d love to be proved wrong, of course.


(Image via SBS)