Why yes, we do. In this week’s installment of Week in Review, we’re showing some love to all our K-pop faves.

  • 20130810_seoulbeats_leebyunghunleeminjungActors Lee Byung-hun and Lee Min-jung got married today (August 10th) in Seoul at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.  The couple held a press conference with over 200 journalist before the wedding which would be a private star studded affair with 900 of their closest friends. The couple will be honeymooning in the Maldives after their wedding. Newlywed love. (TVReport)
  • SM Entertainment notified Exo fans that they were no longer able to get fan club access at SBSInkigayo shoots because of previous bad behavior.  Apparently, fans would not listen to Inkigayo staffs’ instructions before, during, and after shoots creating an unsafe environments like jaywalking and blocking roads which led to complaints to the police.  Fans also disregarded rules while filming causing disturbances while taping. Too much love?. (StyleM)
  • After three years, it seems as if the rift between YG Entertainment and KBS’ Music Bank is over as 2NE1 and rookie Kang Seung-yoon appeared on the August 9th broadcast. The feud blew up a couple years ago when Big Bang was making their big come back with the album Tonight and Music Bank wouldn’t give them the amount of time they requested for their come back claiming that they were asking for too much time as they have never given any act more than 7 minutes on stage and YG claiming that Music Bank wasn’t being fair. Love Again? (TVReport)
  • Although it’s been a month since he was released from military duty, Rain is not out of the military celebrity controversy yet. Some netizens and politicians are calling for Rain and other celebrity soldiers to re-enlist (like how Psy had to) because they didn’t have all the necessary documents to become celebrity soldiers.  The Ministry of Defense has said that this is not an issue and that Rain will not be forced to re-enlist. Still no love. (SportsSeoul)
  • 20130810_seoulbeats_iu_leehyunwooIU and Lee Hyun-woo got caught up in a dating scandal when pictures of them at the movies surfaced. Both have denied dating rumors and said that they are just good friends after MCing together on Inkigayo. Friendly Love? (SportsSeoul)
  • NH Media responded to KissMes’ tips that U-Kiss‘ song “0330” might have been plagiarized. Fans had been sending NH Media information about a song “Si Tu No Estas” by Peruvian singer Ator MC because the music sounds exactly the same as U-Kiss’ “0330.”  Not a wise move as U-Kiss is very popular in Latin America. KissMe Love.


K-pop Love:

  • The boys of ZE:A made a formidable full group comeback with “The Ghost of Wind.” Recently, their members were busy making names for themselves with activities outside of the group so it’s good to see them all back together again.

  • Defconn returns to the music scene with “Cocktail” featuring Rania‘s T-ae, 2NE1 partied it up in the MV for “Do You Love Me,” Pascol released the MV for “Like,” Queen.J powered through the ballad “Dripping” and Lim Jeong-hee returned with hip hop inspired ballad “Luv Is” featuring Baechigi and and MV starring 2AM‘s Seulong.


  • New boy band M.Pire debuted with “Can’t Be Friends With You,” rookie band Lunafly add to the end of summer fun with the light and flirty “Yeowooya” which translates to “Hey Foxy Lady” and it’s double the fun with Tasty‘s latest comeback “Mamama” which is an improvement vocally from their last release, although the song is very repetitive, for the twin duo from Woollim Entertainment, uh Label(?).  Their sunbaes, Dong-woo and Hoya of Infinite H make a guest appearance in their MV.


  • B.A.P. returned once again in “Badman“with its MV shot in Detroit, new ‘twerking’ girl group Wassup debuted with the song “Wassup“– now we’ll see if there’s more to succeeding in K-pop than shaking that a… and Ulala Session made their long awaited come back by going ‘old school’ with the MV for “Fonky” where they incorporate some funky and trot with a stroll through the history of dance.


  • Lee Jung-hyun released a dance version MV for her come back hit “V,Lee Yeong-hee released “Miracle” for the Good Doctor OST and Shinhwa released a dance version MV of “This Love.”
  • SS501‘s maknae Kim Hyung-jun released a teaser for “Always Love You” a duet with Sunny Hill‘s Kota, NC.A released a teaser for “My Student Teacher,” Ladies Code released the final teaser for “Hate You” and Bigstar teased their come back with “Run & Run.”
  • Congratulations to SNSD for surviving the 5th year curse and celebrating their 6th year together on August 5th.


K-drama Love:

  • 20130810_seoulbeats_masterssunThree new dramas debuted this week:  Joo Won‘s Good Doctor which is a Monday/Tuesday drama for KBS2 in which he plays an autistic resident in a pediatric surgery unit fighting to become a doctor; Lee Jun-ki‘s Two Weeks, a Wednesday/Thursday drama for MBC, where he plays a gangster who just finds out that he has an 8 year old daughter that he can save from leukemia except he gets framed for murder by some powerful crooks; and the Hong Sisters‘ new Wednesday/Thursday SBS drama Master’s Sun starring So Ji-sub, Gong Hyo-jin and Seo In -guk where she plays a woman who can see ghosts who gets entangled in the lives of a rich mall owner with a tragic past and a mysterious new head of security at the mall. Watched all three and all I can say is…say good bye to all of your free time because all three are a must watch.
  • Solbi got the lead in an upcoming tvN drama opposite Song Jae-rim called Fantasy Tower, newly engaged Ji Sung will star in the upcoming KBS2 drama Secrets with Hwang Jung-eum, and Secret‘s Hyosung will join Oh Ji-ho and Oh Ji-eun in the drama Detective Choeyong Who Sees Ghosts which will debut in August.


K-Variety Love:

  • SBS’ talk show Thank You hosted by actor Cha In-pyo has been cancelled and its last episode will be aired on the 9th featuring BoA and veteran actor Son Hyun-joo. Kang Ho-dong‘s Knee Drop Guru has also been cancelled after more than six years on air.  Its last episode on MBC will air on August 22nd.

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