One of the signs a group has hit it big is when their comeback is anticipated, despite us somehow knowing where they are headed concept wise.

On June 3rd, SIStar’s Hyorin announced on their official Twitter account that they would be releasing a new single on the 11th of June, as well as thanking fans for patiently waiting.


Despite promising a new look, I am guessing that the latest release would fall into one of the two categories: either a sexy single or a summer single (which would be more apt, given how it’s summer in Korea, and positively sweltering in Singapore, where I am writing this from).

Here are some future ideas we could “expect” to see in the upcoming release: pleasant sounding songs, exotic locations, colourful scenes, close ups, dancing on sand, hot pants, jump cuts in the MV, hip thrusting, tight outfits… you get the drift.

One thing that cannot be denied though, would be their positive work ethic and gratitude to fans, as shown by their full bow after winning on Music Bank (unexpectedly) against Super Junior last year.


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