Welcome everyone to another instalment of For Your Viewing Pleasure! While we usually present a sumptuous selection of stars in haute couture, for this week we’ve decided to give self-produced content take centre-stage as we look at what life events our K-pop idols (and one rapper) have documented for the world to see.

Miss A‘s Fei wins Season 3 of Dancing With The Stars (above).


 Crucio! Shinee‘s Jonghyun casts a spell on his fans.


Shinhwa‘s Jun Jin and Dongwan get cozy with Lee Hyori.


Jun.K prepares to take-off with 2PM.


2NE1‘s Baddest Female CL does the Unnie


f(x)‘s Amber finds a tree (of sorts) in New Zealand


Psy and Heidi Klum reunite in Germany

…. and that’s a wrap! We’ll be back to our regular photoshoots next week, but we hope you’ve enjoyed this selection of celeb-snapshots! Do you have an all-time favourite selca? Mine personally would have to be…


Taeyeon helping her “super cutie pie Minho” prepare for “Dream Girl” promotions!

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