In anticipation for their July comeback, Beast has pre-released yet another song and video teaser. “I’m Sorry” was written by Junhyung and Kim Tae-joo, and talks about regrets after a breakup (not to be confused with the other breakup song of theirs also titled “I’m Sorry”).

The ballad was first revealed at the B2UTY Gather event in Seoul, and the teaser features clips from that performance. While the pre-release teaser for “Will You Be All Right?” showed black and white shots of Beast, while the “I’m Sorry” teaser focuses on the fans, even throwing in a smattering of international ones. We also see Beast performing amidst many flashing lights and confetti cannons, ramping up excitement for their impending return. The ballad shows off Beast’s harmonization and takes a softer tone than “Will You Be All Right?” with an acoustic guitar interlaced throughout the song. Check out the full audio below:

With all this teasing, I know I’m ready for their comeback. Readers, what do you think of the song?

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