20130524_seoulbeats_sonhoyoungIt was a “WILD’ week in K-pop with a lot of strange and sad things happening. I wonder if this is an indication of things to come for summer?!

Among the most shocking and sad occurrences was the apparent suicide of Son Ho-young‘s girlfriend in his car which was discovered when someone complained of the car being illegally parked.  What followed was worse as he then attempted suicide himself in the same manner a few days later.  (SportsDonga, StarNews, StarNews)

The former CEO of Stardom Entertainment, Lee Seung-yeon, committed suicide on May 20th with friends finding his body in his home on the 21st.  Stardom is the former management company of Block B who is currently trying to get out of their contract with the company for breach of their contract. Lee Seung-yeon was actually one of the main individuals involved in the case as he was accused of embezzling 70 million won from the members’ parents. (NewsPim)

At times things can can go so wrong in life that it seems as if nothing will ever be right again, but suicide is never the answer to the problem. If you are having thoughts of suicide, please seek help instead.

In another wild series of events, staff from Core Contents Media apparently went to the offices of  Sports Seoul and started swearing at the editor and staff because they were upset with an article that Sports Seoul wrote about the press conference that the company had about T-ara N4‘s advancement to the US.  They even tried demanding that the article be edited or 20130524_seoulbeats_ryusiwondeleted.  Core Contents Media just continues to dig themselves in a hole with poor management and outrageous practices–it is truly embarrassing and a sad situation for the artists signed to the company. (SportsSeoul, SportsSeoul)

Actor Ryu Si-won‘s divorce continues to get ugly as he was recently indicted of installing a GPS tracker on his soon to be ex-wife’s car without her knowledge, and of beating and threatening her.  The actor claims that she is lying to get an advantage in their divorce proceedings. (The Chosun Ilbo)

Now, on to the other ‘wild’ happenings this past week in K-pop!

Wild about K-pop:

  • Releasing new material this past week were VIXX with their dark sides with their come back track “hyde,” singer Lee Ki-chan explores the big band and jazz genres in his latest release making a good “First Impression,” two month released the MV for their latest “Number 1,” 100% make a wildly sexy come back with “Want U Back,” DBSK is ready for summer in the short version PV for their Japanese release of “Ocean,” Weekly Idol MCs Jung Hyung-don and Yoo Dae-jun (Defconn) released the MV for their latest collab, for potential fans under 19 rookies LC9 released a dance version MV of their banned “MaMa Beat,” and Yoon Hoo‘s dad, Yoon Min-soo, makes his comeback with band mate Ryu Jae-hyun as VIBE released their new song “As I’m getting Older.”

  • Lee Hyori also released an eyebrow raising MV for the song “Bad Girls.”  If you didn’t like the off the wall comic-ish MV below, she also released a sexier dance version MV.


  •  PSY was a perfect “Gentleman” during his performance on the finale of Dancing with the Stars and had the crowd on their feet the whole time.  I’m thinking he must have brought the light sticks for fans, that’s definitely a K-pop thing.
  • Nell released a trailer for their next release “Ocean of Light,” Kim Hyun-joong dropped the teaser for his latest Japanese release “Tonight” and his costar in the epic K-drama Boys Over Flowers. Lee Min-ho teased fans with “Love Motion.”
  • SM Entertainment continues to drive Exo fans wild with teasers of their long awaited return.  They seriously did take it over to the ‘wild’ side with the latest teasers for the group’s come back track “Wolf.”  Omo, thought that leak of the “Wolf” track previously was just SME punking us, but guess not.

  • And by all accounts, B. A. P. had the crowds going wild at all of their Verizon APAHM ‘Live on Earth’ concert stops in the US.


  • In OST news, The One sang “Best Wishes To You” for Gu Family Book and BEAST‘s Jun-hyung and the members of his fictional band in Monstar, made up of some of the boys from BTOB, released “After Time Passes.”
  • 2NE1‘s CL will make her solo debut on May 28th as “The Baddest Female.” She recently changed the title of the release form “Bad Girl” which I’m guessing might be because it was too close in title to Hyori’s latest release.  Papa YG is said to be pleased with the release and Big Bang sunabes G-Dragon and Taeyang will appear in the MV. (YGLife)
  • It looks like Akdong Musician, the winners of K-pop Star 2, want to hang with the ‘cool kids’ as they have signed with YG Entertainment.  The delay in the announcement of their company had to do with their being underage and needing their parents to sign the contracts for them, which isn’t easy when your parents are missionaries in Mongolia.  I think that YG has done well with Lee Hi and I hope that they will do the same for Akdong Musician. (YGLife)


20130524_seoulbeats_choijinhyukWild about K-dramas:

  • Things went wild this past week in Gu Family Book as a couple people we all assumed were dead… weren’t.  And do all previously-presumed-dead-gumiho-daddys-that-come-back-as-evil-1000 year-demons automatically mean eyeliner, dressed in black, and smoking hot?  In any case, welcome back Choi Jin-hyuk!
  • Found this behind-the-scenes clip from the set of Monstar… y’all can thank me for it in the comments below. Enjoy!


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