Though there is a good chunk of you that are still reeling from the Exo comeback news high, it might be worth noting that the Legends, Shinhwa, have made a comeback with their 11th album, The Classic, and their new music video for “This Love.” It seems that for “This Love,” Shinhwa has managed to put out a choreo that eerily reminds me of  Girls’ Generation and has decided to take a few pointers from dongsaengs Shinee and TVXQ! about how to work those patterned suits.

See it for yourself:


“This Love” definitely sounds very western, and it should, considering that Shinhwa went right back to European composer Andrew Jackson, who made “Venus,” for “This Love.” Unlike “Venus,” which I loved immediately, I’m currently not obsessed with “This Love” just because club-esque music isn’t my thing.—But that piano line and pre-chorus? Lovely.

Shinhwa also had their comeback stage on M! Countdown, where they performed “그래 (That’s Right)” and “This Love.”

“This Love”


“그래 (That’s Right)”


What do you think of Shinhwa’s comeback? Are you loving “That’s Right” as much as I am?

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