The wait is over. Psy is back with his first release since the epic takeover that was “Gangnam Style” last July. Due to the groundbreaking success of “Gangnam Style,” “Gentleman” and all of Psy’s subsequent releases will inevitably be compared to Psy’s breakout hit. With “Gangnam Style” still going strong at over 1.5 billion views, will “Gentleman” signify the second coming of Psy or solidify his spot as the greatest one-hit wonder of all time?


“Gentleman” follows a very similar musical structure and formula as “Gangnam Style,” but when one is as successful as Psy has become, why change what clearly works?  This time around, Psy has thrown in more English phrases for Western audiences. Other than the raunchy hook and “Damn girl, you so freakin’ sexy-a,” there is “I’m gonna make you sweat. I’m gonna make you wet. You know who I am,” immediately followed by what initial reports are interpreting as “Westside!”

Readers, is this “Mutta Futta Gentleman” the one you’ve been waiting for?

(YG Entertainment)