Welcome back to another week of Best of Weekly Music Shows! This week marked the comeback of VIXX and Twice, among other artists and groups. Lovelyz took home a win from The ShowIU from Show Champion and Music BankSechskies from Show! Music Core, and Psy from both M!Countdown and Inkigayo.

Among the diverse stages, here were some of my favourites of the week:

VIXX’s “Shangri-La”, MBC Show! Music Core, May 20, 2017

VIXX aren’t known as the kings of concepts for nothing, and their latest comeback definitely did not disappoint. In their performances for “Shangri-La”, everything — from their majestic, Oriental-inspired outfits to the use of the fans as props to the stunning choreography — is just so beautiful and intricate. I especially appreciate how you can clearly hear the snap open of their fans — it adds that authenticity to their live performances.


Twice’s “Signal”, SBS Inkigayo, May 21, 2017

One of the hottest girl groups, Twice, has come back! Although their title track “Signal” got mixed reviews, their performance … It’s cute, fun, and lively — perfectly complementing their equally fun and easy-to-listen-to song. Twice’s intros are always a hit, and this is no exception — the formation with the row of hearts and with Tzuyu jumping are simply, for lack of a better word, adorable.


Lovelyz’s “Now, We”, SBS The Show, May 16, 2017

Lovelyz’s performance on The Show marks their first ever win — a massive congratulations to the girls, who have worked hard to steadily rise to the top! The song is a classic girl group jam: vibrant, energetic, and just like their group name, lovely!


Jonghyun’s “Lonely (feat. Taeyeon)”, KBS Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook, May 13, 2017

It is a shame that Jonghyun’s album wasn’t promoted on regular music shows, but at least we got to listen to his title track featuring Taeyeon on Sketchbook — it is heaven for the ears, with the two renowned artists’ vocals complementing each other’s perfectly. The song is perfectly for those calm summer nights, with just a hit of jazzy melancholy that is just so soothing.

VIXX’s “Black Out”, Mnet M!Countdown, May 18, 2017

If “Shangri-La” wasn’t your cup of tea (in which case you may want to ask yourself why not), then you should definitely check out “Black Out”. Unfortunately, this performance from M!Countdown was the only full-length one that they did. The styling does a complete 180 from that of their title track, moving away from the flowing costumes to fitted stylish jackets and tight black jeans. The choreography is the highlight, with sensual elements like the leg-lowering dance added in. Echoing what many YouTube comments have iterated, VIXX definitely does not need to show skin to be sexy.

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