TOP Media‘s newest boy band 100% has been big on performing covers, such as “Mirotic,” and now they’ve released a video of the members covering 2PM‘s “I’ll Be Back.”

This cover may make you feel one or a combination of the following:

        1. Impressed with 100%’s dancing and live singing
        2. Sad that there is still no news of a 2PM comeback and probably end up on a bathroom floor crying over a poster of Jun.K.
        3. Somewhat annoyed because you’ve never had the chance to experience a 2PM comeback. Yes, they’re busy in Japan (and doing alright by the looks of things); yes, Taecyeon is going to be on the new global instalment of We Got Married; no, it is not enough.
          Or perhaps you’re feeling something else watching this cover? Tell us about it below!