Teen Top is back and have opened a Google+ account! While a little bit of snooping shows that their Google+ account was actually created in January, they’re choosing to celebrate it now by hopping on the K-pop trend of partnering with Google+ to host an online fandom contest! The prize? A Nexus Tablet PC and the chance to hangout with Teen Top (I’m assuming virtually, since it does not mention actually meeting them). The challenge? Create a 15-20 second promotion video for the band as if you were their advertising director. Basically, use Teen Top’s pictures, music, and video clips to make your own Teen Top CF or teaser.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoJj_ZM_6gU&w=560&h=315]

Except maybe minus the tacky distorted voice monologue.

While Google+ hangouts are nothing new, it seems like contests are stepping up their game in terms of creativity and intrigue. Instead of the average “submit a question” or “do a dance/song cover”, contests are now branching out to other mediums, such as fanart and now video editing. As fanmade videos are abundant in the K-pop fandom, it will be interesting to see what the fans come up with, and even more interesting to see how future K-pop contests come up with more unique ways of engaging with the fans. We’ve got singing and dancing, drawing, now video editing, what next — fanfic competitions? Oh man wouldn’t that be fun…

With that in mind, what contests would you guys really like to see in K-pop? I personally would love a good song parody contest, but unfortunately language barriers would probably get in the way. But what are some other clever competitions these K-pop labels could put out?

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